Kunming Hat Tourney update: party theme

From Jonathan Berry:

In this time of new beginnings, we at Kunming hat have decided on the theme of our tournament: Initiations. This tournament is both the initiation of Kunming onto the China Ultimate scene and the initiation of many of our players into the Ultimate world in general. How is this a costume theme? Interpret it however you like: inaugurations, initiations of fraternities, sororities, secret societies, cults, etc. Don’t like any of those? Come up with your own idea and convince fellow party-goers of its merit. The party on Saturday will be full of Ultimate drinking games and general good times.

But wait, there’s more! In honor of the theme, we’re going to have a little competition. Since this is a hat tournament, it will be an individual competition. Anyone who wants to can invent a drinking game and present it to fellow players. We will be providing solo cups (we hope), ping pong balls, shot glasses, dice, discs and playing cards to a reasonable degree (i.e. if your game involves a huge number of props, you’re responsible). If you want to use something other than those, bring it yourself. It’s up to you to convince your fellow partiers to play your game. At the end of the night, a vote will be taken on the best new drinking game and it will be initiated into the China Ultimate world! The winner will receive a prize to be named later. Use your imagination here people, there are limitless possibilities.


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