Kunming Hat Tourney recap

The Berry brothers and Ivan and the rest of the Kunming Ultimate Frisbee community deserve a big pat on the back for organizing a fantastic hat tournament this past weekend, which is sure to draw more and more participants in the coming years.

Not that the turnout was lacking this year: about 50 players — comprising three hat teams plus Ningbo — showed up for the two-day event, many flying in — and not cheaply — from Shanghai and Beijing. Not one of them will say the trip wasn’t worth it. Blue skies and warm weather, two parties, two days of disc, and more Dali beer than anyone — even a horde of alcohol-guzzling Frisbee players — could consume… what more could one ask for?

The tourney was won by Team 2, a.ka. Sponge Beer Blue Pants. It beat Team 3, Frisbee-Porn-Dot-Com, 15-10 in the finals. Team 1, After the Game, defeated Ningbo in the consolation bracket.

Jon Greenberg of Shanghai (Team 2) and Sandy Wang of Beijing (Team 3) were selected the tourney’s most valuable players.

Spirit awards were given to (from left to right in the photo below) Sandi Sharma, Jacob Rivkin, Ivan Xu, Logan, Ningbo player (name TK), Jeff Orcutt and Erin.

The teams, from champs on down:

Sponge Beer Blue Pants CORRECTION: Spongebeard Boobpants


After the Game and Ningbo

More pictures:

The Berry brothers, Jon and Sam.

Unfurling the inaugural banner.

Alec Hutson in the Golden Horse square near Hump Hostel, location of the Saturday night dinner and party.

Jon Berry (center) demonstrating the party’s theme of “Initiations.”

Yes, folks had fun.

See you next year, Kunming.

POSTSCRIPT: Mary Carlson is responsible for four of the pictures in this post. Her Facebook albums of the tournament are here, here and here.

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