Jeju: April 18-19

It’s official: the much-anticipated Jeju tournament — among the best in Asia — will be held on April 18-19.

Jeju is Korea’s largest island, off the southwest coast. You can see it if you squint in the above map.

No offense to Boracay and any of the other Philippines touranments, but if there’s one resort island you should go to on the Asia Ultimate circuit, this is probably the place. Hotel/food/fields/transportation/booze paid for in ful. We’ll ruin the suspense and tell you right now the booze is soju — lots and lots of it.

If you don’t mind all the honeymooners and half-naked (fully naked?) beachgoers, you just may set your eyes upon this glory:

The Ultimate isn’t bad, either. Rumor has it that this year the fields are the same ones used by Korea’s national soccer team for World Cup training.

Jeju ’08, from Jihoon Choi’s Facebook album

More info, including registration details, to come later.


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