Photo albums from the Bangkok Hat Tournament

No, we do understand Bangkok’s not actually in China. But such is our commitment to all things Ultimate…

Listed alphabetically:

Eddie Adisak: 9TH Bangkok Hat Tournament, 2009

We swear, after browsing these Facebook albums, that Bangkok must have put on the greatest Ultimate party in the history of Ultimate parties. And that’s saying something. But don’t take our word for it… keep browsing.

Mary Carlson: Mary has, true to style, posted six albums devoted to this event: here (Friday: Temples Bar, Soi 11), here (Saturday morning: Ror Neung Phan Neung Field, Army Base), here (Saturday afternoon — apparently Bangkok served really delicious food on the fields), here (party), here (Sunday) and here (Sunday evening). Instead of picking a picture from each, we’d just like to show you Mary’s homemade costume for the Timewarp 3009 party:

That’s right, a forklift.

(Or is it? Hint: this next picture.)

Andy Cassidy: Bangkok Hat 2009, Sunday

Lance Dubos: Bangkok Hat 2009 (Flickr)

Emily Greenwood: Timewarp!

Caroll Moreton:
Bangkok Hat 2009

Thuy Bich Nguyen: Bangkok HAT 2009 – 21/22 Feb.

Aaron Rothblatt: Bangkok Ultimate Hat Tourney 2009

Timothy O’Rourke: Bangkok Hat 2009

Doc Tobin:
Bangkok Hat 2009

If you have any albums you’d like included in this list, please leave a comment.


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