Announcing: Shenzhen Hat Tournament, March 14

That’s this Saturday… from Balance Wang:

Shenzhen is going to host an one-day hat tournament at March 14th (next Saturday), it also belongs to our Tri-cities Ultimate Program. Let’s enjoy a wonderful weekend with Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen ultimate players! Oh, wait, maybe Zhuhai Players will be coming as well!!We will be having a dinner together and having a lot of funs afterwards. Here is the detail of this hat tournament:

Date: 2009.03.14 12:00 —16:30, make sure get to the place before 12:00, you have only 30 mins to warm up before our game’s beginning.

Field: Xi Di Gen Soccer Field at Shen Wan Yi Lu, Nanshan district (close to Window of the world, 5 mins by taxi) 喜地根足球场,深圳市南山区滨海大道与深湾一路交汇处

There are two easy way to get to the field:
1. Metro + Taxi : Obvisouly, clean and fast, but expensive. you need to pay at most 20 yuan from Shenzhen Railway Station to Xidigen (or if you take a taxi together with 4 people, then the cost reduces to 10 yuan per person)
2. K204 & 337: Cheap, a little bit slower, but get to the place directly. you need to pay about 5 yuan at most.
K204 to Hou Hai Li Jiao(后海立交), go back to east 750m.
337 to Bin Hai Xi (滨海西), 250m to the place
Registration fee: 100RMB approximately, including field fee + fruit + water + dark t-shirt + others
One thing you need to take for no questions: White shirt
Attendee: everyone who loves ultimate, you may need to answer several questions in your registration email
With the following:
-Shirt size (Chinese sizes)
-A rank of yourself in each of the following categories: experience, defense, speed, throwing and receiving.
-More importantly: When will you leave from Shenzhen on Saturday?
1- 0-6 months
2- 6 months or more, pickup only
3- More than 6 months, league experience
4- More than 2 years, mid-level club player
5- High-level club experience
1- No strategy
2- Understands a force
3- Understands a force and can play zone
4- All the above and known as a good defender
1- I can barely run
2- I can only keep up with a few opponents tops on any given line
3- I can hold my own against most
4- I got wheels
1- Can barely throw a flick, if at all
2- Can throw flicks and backhands short-range, no breaks
3- Can make longer throws and sometimes break
4- I got hucks and breaks all day
1- I have butterfingers
2- Can catch pretty well but has trouble with reading
3- Can catch under pressure and read pretty well
4- Just put it

Registration Email: (Shenzhen players) (Guangzhou players) (Hong Kong players)

Dinner and party: TBD, updated news soon
OK, Boys and girls, I hope we will see you soon.
Any information, please contact Balance:


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