China (okay, Ningbo) Ultimate in Shanghaiist

None other than Huwa’s Geoff Ng writing

Alright, alright…we know “Ultimate” isn’t the best name for a sport. Especially one that was invented by hippie stoners. So yeah, we do get a lot of flak for what it’s called–one of our friends even insists on calling it “just OK frisbee”. But Ultimate is actually one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and China is no exception to that rule. Hong Kong and Shanghai have held annual tournaments for years now, but since the first National tournament was held in Beijing two years ago, local-run tournaments have been popping up in Kunming, Tianjin, and Ningbo.

The first national tournament was in Tianjin, but… details, schmetails.

POSTSCRIPT: Congratulations to the team captained by Jon Greenberg and Alec Hutson, Dynomite, for winning the six-team hat tournament. Winning may be an understatement though: Dynomite went 7-0 and cruised up to and through the finals. We’ll have pictures up later.


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