Pictures from Jeju 2009

It’s here! Although the absence of any albums from Shanghai’s Mary Carlson means we may have to do this again in a few days. Speaking of which… Mary, where art thou pictures? (A similar question to Michael Shyu of Beijing, though he’s excused because he’s working on a certain Jeju-related video that we’ll just say is worth waiting for. Ahem, *Sara*, ahem.)

Tao’s 11 Facebook albums… (HAPPINESS)

1. Beijing Capital Airport –> Incheon and Gimpo airports, Seoul

2. Destination: Jeju; Friday night registration “dinner”

3. Saturday games

4. Saturday, pt. 2; preparing for a party

5. Tourney party (also see: Rubik’s Cube party wrap)

6. Sunday games

7. Post-tourney

8. Sunday dinner

9. At the bar

10. Still at the bar…

11. Monday… blergh

Kevin Chao: is it Cheju or Jeju?

I think it’s Jeju, no it’s Cheju…i’m still not sure

Ultimate Clinc

Mary’s Cheju Album

Doug Heimburger: Getting Gnarley in Jeju 2009 – Friday

Getting Gnarley in Jeju 2009 – Saturday

Getting Gnarley in Jeju 2009 – Sunday/Monday

Kevin Reitz: Jeju


Tina Yen: Jeju 2009

Jeju 2009 pt. 2

POSTSCRIPT: A Korean article (with pictures) about the tournament.


Jeju party wrap: Rubik’s Cube

You wear six articles of clothing that are the colors of the Rubik’s Cube (red, yellow, blue, white, orange, green) and by night’s end try to leave wearing a solid color. The ambitious (e.g., Joe Pellicano of Beijing) may try to go through each of the six.

Please allow the team from Beijing to demonstrate…


Mike and Jim, who didn’t completely follow the game’s rules

Sandy and Joe

Lauren, Brian and Kevin


Lauren and Hsing-Hui


Mike and… Mike

Among other notable sights: a guy dressed in a one-piece spandex thong-suit jiggling his ass cheeks (too inappropriate to post); Nads of Shanghai stuffing an oval balloon down his pants and yelping after Jim popped it with a pin; members from Cocksuckers (no, really, that’s their team name) performing various acts on balloons; a certain trade involving a Superman shirt…

In case you’re wondering, the team from Guam called GuamBATS won the party award.

If you haven’t gotten the picture yet, here are two videos:

Congratulations to your Jeju champs: Korea

The Dirty Old KUNTs, to be exact, who beat Shanghai Huwa 13-8 in the finals.

Absolutely perfect conditions for this year’s Jeju International Gnarly Nines Tournament, an event that’s been saddled with the unfortunate reputation of being cursed by the wind gods. Every odd year, however, the elements seems to cooperate, and this, the fifth edition of this international tourney, may have seen the best weather ever.

Of course, the rain clouds made up for lost time by sending a monsoon our way Monday morning. Only the early-morning (7 a.m. early) flight made it out as scheduled; all others were postponed till the following day. We can only assume — like during metropolitan blackouts and winters in Russia — the stranded participants copulated like bonobos.

More pictures and videos to come…

Announcing: China Nationals website now live!

From Jeff Orcutt: Captains should sign up and register their teams for China Nationals through this site. Please email or for detailed instructions.


我希望每个人都已经清楚比赛将于五月十六号、十七号举行。今年的公开赛(全国赛)将会非常棒。在解决了一些技术难题后,我们的网站将投入使用。请登录 来收集国内外关于飞盘的信息。

队长们应该在这个网站上注册,并且为他们的队伍报名参加今年的全国赛。详情与说明请致电邮到 或者



More pictures from the Tianjin tournament

We’ll get videos up as soon as China unblocks YouTube. Here’s another write-up of the event over at the Beijing Ultimate blog.

Pictures from the Tianjin tournament and a two-minute summary

All-female 2v2 disc race at the after-party

We’re still in the process of collecting information for the official recap of this past Saturday’s Tianjin tournament, but here were the key happenings:

Shanghai Huwa — an abridged version led by Jon Greenberg — won the A pool, beating ISB, Tianjin Waiyuan, Beijing Bang and Tianjin Speed.

Beijing Big Brother won the B pool (though word was Beijing was the No. 1 overall seed), consisting of Changsha (长沙, a Tianjin/Qingdao mix), Teda (with some Dalian players and foreigners), Air Kazak and Tianjin Speed Up.

The pool winners met in the finals. Shanghai jumped out to a 2-1 lead before the teams engaged in a long fourth point that saw two goal line turnovers and an injury (Beijing’s Tao — okay, me — as he tried changing directions on an in-cut). Shanghai took half at eight and extended its lead to 9-6 before Big Brother clawed back with three unanswered points. An energized (or intoxicated) murmur wormed its way through the crowd — chilled by a brisk wind on a suddenly cloudy evening — but the suspense quickly ended when Shanghai scored the next two to win 11-9.

Beijing Bang won the Spirit Award and, like Shanghai, got a trophy out of which they drank beer. Shanghai’s players also each received a Frisbee and a municipal government official-signed/endorsed certificate in the form of a red card.

Pictures follow.

Mike Shyu’s Facebook albums (check out his videos, too):


Waiting for the Beijing Party Bus in front of Ginza Mall

Two: beautiful eye (picture tag)

The Shyu man himself, with Kevin Reitz

Three: Members of Big Brother, Bang and Shanghai





Eight: Hail the champs and the tourney organizer

Edward Wang, man of the hour

Nine: After-party

Yin Kong

The party was pretty spectacular. More on that in the next post.

One more picture — the man who made the party bus (and so much of Frisbee-related activities in Beijing) happen:

Jeff Orcutt, fresh from a pee

Pictures from the Ningbo Hat Tourney

These are from Ningbo-based professional photographer M. Scott Brauer, who played on the winning team, Dynomite:

More here.

More pictures!

Facebook albums — again, we turn to Mary Carlson of Shanghai to start:

Party Bus to Ningbo Hat: In Mary’s words: “Russian Monkeys. Hot Pepper Snacks. The Best Speaker System Ever. The first mention of the Boat. Incredibly amazing Pee Stories. Sara in a State of SEVERE emergency for way too long. And, some Burrows as Bus Driver.”

Party Bus to Ningbo Hat Extras: “The contest of who has more GAME is now in full effect. Kevin Chao is the judge. The contest date has yet to be decided. Who will be named the Victor?”

Dinner… So Much To Eat!: “This was the never-ending Chinese dinner with some of the best veggie dishes I have had in a while. The best was the Teppanyaki Tofu, but my account. I ate with three different tables, so I think that I might be the best judge!”

Party Time: “Cold. Crazy Boat Dance Game that had Michael Burrows up on stage, and some fantastic Starbucks action.”

Bus Back to Shanghai. Straight Chill: “Tired. Except for maybe a couple of people who had way too much energy for a Sunday night!”

Roy Iceman: Ningbo Hat tournament

Sei Xue: Ningbo 1st Hat Tournament