Pictures from the Ningbo Hat Tourney

These are from Ningbo-based professional photographer M. Scott Brauer, who played on the winning team, Dynomite:

More here.

More pictures!

Facebook albums — again, we turn to Mary Carlson of Shanghai to start:

Party Bus to Ningbo Hat: In Mary’s words: “Russian Monkeys. Hot Pepper Snacks. The Best Speaker System Ever. The first mention of the Boat. Incredibly amazing Pee Stories. Sara in a State of SEVERE emergency for way too long. And, some Burrows as Bus Driver.”

Party Bus to Ningbo Hat Extras: “The contest of who has more GAME is now in full effect. Kevin Chao is the judge. The contest date has yet to be decided. Who will be named the Victor?”

Dinner… So Much To Eat!: “This was the never-ending Chinese dinner with some of the best veggie dishes I have had in a while. The best was the Teppanyaki Tofu, but my account. I ate with three different tables, so I think that I might be the best judge!”

Party Time: “Cold. Crazy Boat Dance Game that had Michael Burrows up on stage, and some fantastic Starbucks action.”

Bus Back to Shanghai. Straight Chill: “Tired. Except for maybe a couple of people who had way too much energy for a Sunday night!”

Roy Iceman: Ningbo Hat tournament

Sei Xue: Ningbo 1st Hat Tournament


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