Pictures from the Tianjin tournament and a two-minute summary

All-female 2v2 disc race at the after-party

We’re still in the process of collecting information for the official recap of this past Saturday’s Tianjin tournament, but here were the key happenings:

Shanghai Huwa — an abridged version led by Jon Greenberg — won the A pool, beating ISB, Tianjin Waiyuan, Beijing Bang and Tianjin Speed.

Beijing Big Brother won the B pool (though word was Beijing was the No. 1 overall seed), consisting of Changsha (长沙, a Tianjin/Qingdao mix), Teda (with some Dalian players and foreigners), Air Kazak and Tianjin Speed Up.

The pool winners met in the finals. Shanghai jumped out to a 2-1 lead before the teams engaged in a long fourth point that saw two goal line turnovers and an injury (Beijing’s Tao — okay, me — as he tried changing directions on an in-cut). Shanghai took half at eight and extended its lead to 9-6 before Big Brother clawed back with three unanswered points. An energized (or intoxicated) murmur wormed its way through the crowd — chilled by a brisk wind on a suddenly cloudy evening — but the suspense quickly ended when Shanghai scored the next two to win 11-9.

Beijing Bang won the Spirit Award and, like Shanghai, got a trophy out of which they drank beer. Shanghai’s players also each received a Frisbee and a municipal government official-signed/endorsed certificate in the form of a red card.

Pictures follow.

Mike Shyu’s Facebook albums (check out his videos, too):


Waiting for the Beijing Party Bus in front of Ginza Mall

Two: beautiful eye (picture tag)

The Shyu man himself, with Kevin Reitz

Three: Members of Big Brother, Bang and Shanghai





Eight: Hail the champs and the tourney organizer

Edward Wang, man of the hour

Nine: After-party

Yin Kong

The party was pretty spectacular. More on that in the next post.

One more picture — the man who made the party bus (and so much of Frisbee-related activities in Beijing) happen:

Jeff Orcutt, fresh from a pee


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