Jeju party wrap: Rubik’s Cube

You wear six articles of clothing that are the colors of the Rubik’s Cube (red, yellow, blue, white, orange, green) and by night’s end try to leave wearing a solid color. The ambitious (e.g., Joe Pellicano of Beijing) may try to go through each of the six.

Please allow the team from Beijing to demonstrate…


Mike and Jim, who didn’t completely follow the game’s rules

Sandy and Joe

Lauren, Brian and Kevin


Lauren and Hsing-Hui


Mike and… Mike

Among other notable sights: a guy dressed in a one-piece spandex thong-suit jiggling his ass cheeks (too inappropriate to post); Nads of Shanghai stuffing an oval balloon down his pants and yelping after Jim popped it with a pin; members from Cocksuckers (no, really, that’s their team name) performing various acts on balloons; a certain trade involving a Superman shirt…

In case you’re wondering, the team from Guam called GuamBATS won the party award.

If you haven’t gotten the picture yet, here are two videos:


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