Pictures from Jeju 2009

It’s here! Although the absence of any albums from Shanghai’s Mary Carlson means we may have to do this again in a few days. Speaking of which… Mary, where art thou pictures? (A similar question to Michael Shyu of Beijing, though he’s excused because he’s working on a certain Jeju-related video that we’ll just say is worth waiting for. Ahem, *Sara*, ahem.)

Tao’s 11 Facebook albums… (HAPPINESS)

1. Beijing Capital Airport –> Incheon and Gimpo airports, Seoul

2. Destination: Jeju; Friday night registration “dinner”

3. Saturday games

4. Saturday, pt. 2; preparing for a party

5. Tourney party (also see: Rubik’s Cube party wrap)

6. Sunday games

7. Post-tourney

8. Sunday dinner

9. At the bar

10. Still at the bar…

11. Monday… blergh

Kevin Chao: is it Cheju or Jeju?

I think it’s Jeju, no it’s Cheju…i’m still not sure

Ultimate Clinc

Mary’s Cheju Album

Doug Heimburger: Getting Gnarley in Jeju 2009 – Friday

Getting Gnarley in Jeju 2009 – Saturday

Getting Gnarley in Jeju 2009 – Sunday/Monday

Kevin Reitz: Jeju


Tina Yen: Jeju 2009

Jeju 2009 pt. 2

POSTSCRIPT: A Korean article (with pictures) about the tournament.


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