Announcing: Shanghai Tournament!

The date for the best tournament in China (and Asia?) in terms of overall participation, competition, field quality, party, location, etc., has been set — you’ll want to save this date: June 13-14. Shanghai’s Alec Hutson has more:

Shanghai 2009 – The Emperor’s Reign – is rushing towards us (June 13 and 14) and as we set the fields and secure the party venue there is another thing we need for the weekend: teams.

Please send us your bids, with a bit about the make-up of the squad you are bringing. We are aiming for a similar number of teams as has attended in the past few years – 16-18 – so there is loose cap that hopefully we won’t have to invoke.

The default ratio for the tournament will be 4-3 (4 guys, 3 girls).

We are planning a fantastic tourney at the newly rebuilt Shanghai Rugby Club, and more details will be released shortly regarding the party and field location – we are not, for the first time in a decade – holding the tourney at the Dulwich Fields, but instead will be breaking in brand new turf at a new facility. Should be exciting.

Send your bid to

We’ll have pictures from last year, etc. — the usual hype — up later.


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