A special Jeju video…

Rubik’s Cube parties are fun and all, but consider this a cautionary tale: here’s what happens when you’re not careful about the articles of clothing you trade…

Are you listening, Sara?

From Beijing with love:

More Facebook albums:

Mike Shyu: Jeju 2009 1/7

Jeju 2009 2/7

Kuru vs. Xtacles, Day 1.

Jeju 2009 3/7

Jeju 2009 4/7

Jeju 2009 5/7

Jeju 2009 6/7

In the stands during finals.

Jeju 2009 7/7

Tourney MVPs (center), K-Mike and Abby.

Sandy Wang: Jeju party

Beijing Big Brother near the end of the night.

Mary Carlson: To Jeju

Shanghai Huwa on camera in the parking lot.

Jeju Reg. (registration party)

Dre (Dray?) of Korea with Candice, who everyone knows.

Sunday Jeju: Mary: “JEJU! Titanic comes to mind when I think of that tournament…

This is Titanic.

Jeju Airport

And that’s it.

China Ultimate now turns its eyes on Beijing. Countdown till China Nationals: nine days.


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