A reminder that China Nationals is NEXT WEEKEND

Foreigners/Chinese professionals: 300 RMB
Recent Chinese graduates: 200 RMB
Chinese students: 100 RMB

Remember, tourney fees get you:

Awesome fields — 2 Days!
Lunch — twice!
Kick ass dinner/boozey party with some games (and drinking)
Field food (forever)
Beer on Sunday (after noon)
Probably a disc (if we don’t go broke)
A crap ton of Facebook photos

Tournament director Jeff Orcutt et al. have been working real hard to make this a memorable weekend for China Ultimate, but we can’t do it without your help. Remember, this is the national tournament for China’s Ultimate teams, and all we ask, as organizers, is you set aside your cynicism about these players’ talent, ability, drive and knowledge. If you come without preconceptions and prejudices, you just might be surprised by the level of play from people who’ve been at it, at most, for four years (the vast majority of Chinese players have been playing for a much shorter length of time).

This is the third year for this rather amazing event — amazing in that 1) who could’ve thought, five years ago, we’d have an all-China Ultimate Frisbee tournament? and 2) it’s a LOT of fun — and it promises to be better than ever.

If you’ll allow this bit of preachiness: the best part is we haven’t even scratched the surface as far as this sport’s potential in China. If you’ve ever taken a Frisbee to the park and, upon your second forehand toss, attracted a ring of spectators who ooh and aah at every throw, you know there’s real promise for this game — a bizarre, foreign pastime that isn’t handicapped here by the legacy of hash and hippies (not to criticize, but the stereotype is still fairly ingrained in the States). I’m excited. If you know nothing about Tianjin — how it finished 2nd in each of the first two China Natties — or the two-time defending champs, Air Kazak, and its mercurial leader, Happy Rat, or ever seen Hong Kong play with a stud like Kwong or the story behind the team selection in Shenzhen, one of the favorites to win this year… you will. Soon.


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