A quick China Nationals Q-and-A

Some questions we’ve been getting:

Q: Will there be a registration party on Friday?
No, but if you ask around, you may convince people to go to Sanlitun (near the Dongsishitiao subway stop on the 2-line). Then again, why wouldn’t you rest up for Saturday’s party?

Q: When do games start?
A: 9:30 a.m. on both days.

Q: Will there be a schedule?
A: Yes, and it’s beautiful. We’re in the final finalizing stage in this regard.

Q: Where are the fields?
A: Between Fourth and Fifth Ring road in the northeast, i.e. NOT last year’s fields in Tongzhou. This isn’t very specific, I realize, but maps and field directions will be released shortly. (Keep an eye on this site and the Beijing Ultimate blog!) There will be free shuttles going to and from the fields and the tourney hotel. If you live in Beijing, you will be expected to get there on your own (taking the 5-line and cabbing from Datunlu).

Q: Where is the tourney hotel?
A: Information will be released shortly.

Q: I went to the China Nationals website and couldn’t find any information I need.
A: This is not a question, but in short: email tournament director Jeff Orcutt [orcutt.jeff(at)gmail.com] or myself (which you can do by commenting on this post) with any concerns.


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