China Nationals seeding, pools and schedule

There are two versions of the schedule currently circulating, and which we use depends on whether the nine guys from Henan will get two women to form their own team. The following assumes they’ll be successful.


1 Tianjin 5 Star
2 Shenzhen
3 Air Kazak A
4 Hong Kong
5 Tianjin Speed
6 Beijing Bang
7 Dalian Smurfs
8 Dalian Navigator
9 Hang Time
10 Air Kazak B
11 Tianjin Ultimate
12 Air Woo

1 Big Brother Ugly
2 Big Brother Sexy
3 Shanghai X
4 Shanghai Y
5 FUQ (Qingdao)
6 Henan
7 Dragons Red
8 Dragons Blue


SATURDAY SCHEDULE (all games begin at 9:30 a.m.)

CORRECTION: BJ Sexy plays Shanghai X in Rd. 6, not Y.

UPDATE, 5/14: Answers to your questions:

We’ve received inquiries as to why the Chinese pool crossover is CA1 vs. CB2 as opposed to CA1 vs. CB1. Two responses:

1. We want the pool winners to get, hypothetically, an easier crossover game. And remember, this crossover is of utmost importance: it’s the difference between getting a bye into Sunday as either the 3 or 4 seed or playing a fifth game on Saturday — an elimination game, no less, as either the 7 or 8 seed (vs. the 9 or 10 to determine who plays the 1 or 2 seed the next day).

Ergo: The pool winners get a slightly (hypothetically speaking) easier game, against the other pool’s second-place finisher.

2. HOWEVER, we also wanted the pools’ second-place finishers to get a chance to play up into the 3-4 slots, owing to the fact that, not knowing how strong some of these teams are, we may have accidentally placed, say, three really strong teams in the same pool. It’s quite likely the 3 and 3 seeds will come from the same pool, and if that happens, we’re fine with that — as should be everyone else, because — and this is the important part — the 3 and 4 seeds (along with all the others) are determined by who wins on the field.

Any more questions/concerns, don’t hesitate to ask.


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