Jeff Orcutt’s final words on China Nationals

Hey everyone,


Thanks for a great weekend. We were lucky to have such nice weather (Monday and Tuesday were 35 degrees in Beijing!!) and exciting Ultimate. Zahlen, I, and all of the organisers were very enthusiastic to see the level of play more than double from the year before.


I am really glad that all of you could take time out of your busy schedules and use your hard earned money to come to Beijing. I think most of us can agree that it was totally worth it.


It is dedication and excitement like what we saw this weekend that will grow our community and lead to more and more weekends full of fun like this last one. Hopefully, all of you can sit down and think about how you are going to make it to the next tournament so we can all be together again. Maybe there is some way that we can save money and time in our ordinary lives in order to get together more often for tournaments.


Whatever it is I hope that all of us can make it a priority to get together and have great weekends like this last one as much as possible. I hope we can grow our community, ultimate skills, and our bodies.


I would like to thank everyone who made this past weekend possible. Without all of them it could not have happened. I hope everyone realises the time that all of them put into organising the 2009 China Open.


Please join me in congratulating Hong Kong. It is up to them to defend their title next year. Also, congratulations to Beijing Bang and all the rest of the players from this weekend for stepping up their play and having a great tournament.


Captains please share this email with your teams and I look forward to seeing all of you very soon. Please keep a look out for frequent updates of skills, information, and new tournaments on Hopefully we can use this tool to promote our fast growing community.


And last, if anyone would like advice or help on organizing their own local tournament, feel free to contact us.






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