Announcing: August and September tournaments in Singapore and Dalian

Newly added to our Google calendar: Singapore Open 2009 and the Dalian Ultimate Tournament.


From the Singapore Ultimate website:


The Singapore Open will be held over the National Day Weekend, 8-9 August 2009.


Farrer Park is our default option. But due to possible public works, the usable space may be affected and we may have to cap the number of teams. More news expected end-June/early-July. Meantime, we are exploring alternative sites as backup.


SGD$100 per player.
Team deposits, payment info & deadlines etc. TBC.

Registration Form



We have bids & interest from:

  • Australia (2 teams)
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia (several teams)
  • Philippines (several teams)
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand

It wasn’t too long ago that Singapore routinely hosted some of the best tournaments in Asia. With Freakshow’s latest showing in Shanghai — winning Universe Point against Philippines in the semis and giving the home team a good game in the finals — perhaps Singapore’s teams are ready retake the top tier of Asia Ultimate, currently occupied by Philippines and Shanghai.

(Keep an eye on Shiock, a perfect little dark horse team full of Singaporean locals who’ve played together for so long that they’re due for a breakout tournament. This could be it.)


Dalian will join Ningbo and Shenzhen as Chinese cities hosting their first-ever Ultimate tournament this year, and we think they’re better positioned to do it than their counterparts. For two straight years Dalian has sent two teams to China Nationals, earning a Spirit Award this year for their superior organization and all-around Frisbee know-how. We expect a great tournament.

Check out Dalian Ultimate’s Facebook page, which says:

The final game is between the foreign team and 14 chinese best players.

The way Ultimate has been growing in China — at Shanghai Open, Tianjin Five Star made huge strides by winning its first Sunday game to advance into the top eight — it should be an exciting final game.

Leo is the contact: 15940839608,

Rumor has it that Ultimate organizers in Qingdao are looking to host a beach tournament. We’ll let you know if it happens.


Shanghai tournament photos, part 2

From Tao’s Facebook album, Shanghai 2009; also see here, here, and here (samples below)

Mike Shyu
has uploaded his photos:

Shanghai Tourney 2009 – 1/15

Shanghai Tourney 2009 – 2/15

Shanghai Tourney 2009 – 3/15

Shanghai Tourney 2009 – 4/15

Shanghai Tourney 2009 – 5/15

Shanghai Tourney 2009 – 6/15

Shanghai Tourney 2009 – 7/15

Shanghai Tourney 2009 – 8/15

Shanghai Tourney 2009 – 9/15

Shanghai Tourney 2009 – 10/15

Shanghai Tourney 2009 – 11/15

Shanghai Tourney 2009 – 12/15

Shanghai Tourney 2009 – 13/15

Shanghai Tourney 2009 – 14/15

Shanghai Tourney 2009 – 15/15


Lester Sualog of Fusion: A Dose of Beijing Ultimate and Shanghai ’09 Tourney

Wen Kaiqi: 2009上海飞盘锦标赛——赛场精彩镜头集锦 (2009 Shanghai Ultimate Frisbee tournament – best of the action shots)

And even more! From S.W.A.T.’s Lexi Lepler and Mattan Tenne, and Batibut Cuyugan from Hong Kong.

Shanghai tournament photos, part 1

Shanghai Huwa

The Mythical Seven:

From left to right: Richie (representing Matt), Sweeney, Tory, Pnut, Fiaka, Gareth, Adrian.

Kevin Chao (who also took the above pictures): Hemperor’s Rain

Kat Velayo: Shanghaied!

Steph Kwan: Shanghai 2009

Doug Heimburger: Construction in Shanghai, June 2009

Ivan Xu: SWAT—Shanghai Ultimate Tournament

Gareth, ladies and gentlemen

Andrea Shaw also has a couple Facebook albums, here and here. As always, if you’d like to share your album, please drop me a note or leave a comment.

Shanghai tournament recap

Congratulations to Shanghai Huwa, which went undefeated (7-0) in its home tournament over the weekend, beating Singapore Freakshow in the finals. This is the third straight year Huwa has won the Shanghai Open, which is an impressive streak in any sport but more so in Asia Ultimate considering the consistency of player turnover.

This year’s tournament, Emperor’s Reign, was dedicated to Andrew Kleimeyer, a long-time China resident and former Shanghai Open tournament director who recently passed away. A 50-50 raffle was held in his name with half the proceeds going to the Barrett Cancer Center of University Hospital. Alec Hutson delivered a heartfelt tribute on Sunday during the awards ceremony. We’ll try to get a video up later this week.

The tournament wasn’t without its snags, most notably an 11th hour switcheroo of seeding (going by both the written tourney rules and a Saturday announcement, Freakshow, 4-0, was supposed to be the one-seed and Huwa the two, but organizers decided on Sunday morning to bump up Huwa under the justification that Huwa’s pool was more difficult). But in the grand scheme of things, most complaints were limited to the weather — it was muggy and hot, as always — and there was only so much Alec, Mary Carlson and Glenn could do about that. Commendations to tourney organizers.

The Mythical Seven had representatives from Beijing (Tory Hislop), Shanghai (Gareth Marshall and Tina Yen), Tianjin (Matt Wang, 王敏), Singapore Shiock (Sweeney), Southwest All-Stars (Adrian Reif) and Philippines (Fiaka). Beijing won the party award for going to the Saturday party as Doozers, from Jim Henson’s classic Muppets show Fraggle Rock, which was appropriate for the “Construction” theme. A few of them almost blended in with actual construction workers around the Bund, who must have wondered why these hard-hatters were wearing green tights.

Jon Greenberg of Huwa, who is wrapping up his one-year stay in China next month to pursue a Ph.D. back in the States, won a very well deserved tourney MVP award. Dawn Yeo Poletti of Freakshow was named female MVP.

Check back with China Ultimate in the coming days for pictures and further coverage of the 11th annual Shanghai Open.

Shanghai tourney update: gender ratio confirmed as 4/3

An update from Alec:

First off, an apology for not having pools or a schedule out yet. We actually had one done a few days ago but immediately after we finished it one team dropped out and two others merged, so hopefully we’ll have something done by tomorrow.

The tournament will be 4-3. It seems like all teams in the power pool want to run it this way, but in the non-power pool there are a number of teams who are struggling for ladies and I hope captains will be agreeable to playing 5-2 sometimes when the situation warrants it. So 4-3, 5-2 if both captains agree.

Please send us your rosters. We have a bunch, but a number of teams haven’t sent one in yet. We really need to know who is vegetarian, and soon.

The registration party will be held like last year at the Flying Fox. 8 PM onwards would be a good time to arrive – it is about 10-15 minutes by taxi from the tournament hotel. The address is:

The Flying Fox
225 Hong Feng Road,
Jinqiao, Pudong

The Flying Fox

And finally, we here in Shanghai have been devastated this week with the news that Andrew Kleimeyer passed away after battling cancer for the past two years. Andrew was one of the best men I’ve ever met, and a great friend – he was brilliant and kind and a pillar of our community, so we’ll be playing this tournament with a heavy heart, thinking of him and his wonderful girlfriend, Kristin.

We will be holding a 50 / 50 raffle during the tournament, with the proceeds going towards a cancer foundation in his memory.

How Beijing Ultimate is preparing for Shanghai

Jim and Joe as Doozers from Fraggle Rock

Countdown to Shanghai: one week

Team Philippines, Shanghai 2008 runner-up

Seven days till the most competitive tournament in Asia. In case you missed it the first time, here’re your need-to-know:

And an update from one of the tourney directors, Alec Hutson []:

Things are proceeding swimmingly but we do need to figure out some logistics, so please read the following and reply as warrants:

1: First, we’d like to get rosters from every team coming to the tournament. Along with names we’d also like to know which players are vegetarian and which players want frisbees with their player pack (tourney registration is 450 with disc, 375 without). Super sweet Kristin from HK has already sent us her roster – if you could send it again with that info it would be much appreciated 🙂

2: Gender ratio. The tournament was / is hoping to go 4-3. I think given the e-mails I’ve received at the very least a captain’s agreement of 5-2 would be acceptable. Now, I’m going to propose a 5-2 / 4-3 offense choice, as lots of teams seem hurting for ladies. However, my initial e-mails said 4-3, so if you have a strong preference either way please e-mail me and let me know, and we’ll go by the majority’s decision. If you do not e-mail me I’ll assume you are fine with either 4-3 / 5-2 captain’s decision, or 4-3 / 5-2 offense choice.

3: Seedings and pools with be released soon. By the end of this week, once teams are fully locked down.

4: We have a small bank of extra players looking for teams, both guys and gals. If your team needs a few extras, please e-mail me and I’ll match you up by ability best I can. Please let me know soon. Beijing Little Brother – how many do you need?

5: The registration party is being held at the Flying Fox in Jinqiao, same as last year. Directions are also coming soon.

6: Hotel issues – some folks hadn’t gotten confirmations from the hotel as of a while ago. I assume because I haven’t been getting further e-mails that the rooms were finally confirmed?

7: Sunday night! We don’t have the hotel deal on Sunday night. If you are staying til Monday (or later) and need a place to stay that is cheaper or with a Shanghai players, let us know.

That’s all. Look forward to seeing you all soon!

Alec, and the rest of Shanghai

Check back later in the week as China Ultimate turns up the hype machine for what has become one of the best annual tournaments on the continent.