Countdown to Shanghai: one week

Team Philippines, Shanghai 2008 runner-up

Seven days till the most competitive tournament in Asia. In case you missed it the first time, here’re your need-to-know:

And an update from one of the tourney directors, Alec Hutson []:

Things are proceeding swimmingly but we do need to figure out some logistics, so please read the following and reply as warrants:

1: First, we’d like to get rosters from every team coming to the tournament. Along with names we’d also like to know which players are vegetarian and which players want frisbees with their player pack (tourney registration is 450 with disc, 375 without). Super sweet Kristin from HK has already sent us her roster – if you could send it again with that info it would be much appreciated 🙂

2: Gender ratio. The tournament was / is hoping to go 4-3. I think given the e-mails I’ve received at the very least a captain’s agreement of 5-2 would be acceptable. Now, I’m going to propose a 5-2 / 4-3 offense choice, as lots of teams seem hurting for ladies. However, my initial e-mails said 4-3, so if you have a strong preference either way please e-mail me and let me know, and we’ll go by the majority’s decision. If you do not e-mail me I’ll assume you are fine with either 4-3 / 5-2 captain’s decision, or 4-3 / 5-2 offense choice.

3: Seedings and pools with be released soon. By the end of this week, once teams are fully locked down.

4: We have a small bank of extra players looking for teams, both guys and gals. If your team needs a few extras, please e-mail me and I’ll match you up by ability best I can. Please let me know soon. Beijing Little Brother – how many do you need?

5: The registration party is being held at the Flying Fox in Jinqiao, same as last year. Directions are also coming soon.

6: Hotel issues – some folks hadn’t gotten confirmations from the hotel as of a while ago. I assume because I haven’t been getting further e-mails that the rooms were finally confirmed?

7: Sunday night! We don’t have the hotel deal on Sunday night. If you are staying til Monday (or later) and need a place to stay that is cheaper or with a Shanghai players, let us know.

That’s all. Look forward to seeing you all soon!

Alec, and the rest of Shanghai

Check back later in the week as China Ultimate turns up the hype machine for what has become one of the best annual tournaments on the continent.


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