Shanghai tournament recap

Congratulations to Shanghai Huwa, which went undefeated (7-0) in its home tournament over the weekend, beating Singapore Freakshow in the finals. This is the third straight year Huwa has won the Shanghai Open, which is an impressive streak in any sport but more so in Asia Ultimate considering the consistency of player turnover.

This year’s tournament, Emperor’s Reign, was dedicated to Andrew Kleimeyer, a long-time China resident and former Shanghai Open tournament director who recently passed away. A 50-50 raffle was held in his name with half the proceeds going to the Barrett Cancer Center of University Hospital. Alec Hutson delivered a heartfelt tribute on Sunday during the awards ceremony. We’ll try to get a video up later this week.

The tournament wasn’t without its snags, most notably an 11th hour switcheroo of seeding (going by both the written tourney rules and a Saturday announcement, Freakshow, 4-0, was supposed to be the one-seed and Huwa the two, but organizers decided on Sunday morning to bump up Huwa under the justification that Huwa’s pool was more difficult). But in the grand scheme of things, most complaints were limited to the weather — it was muggy and hot, as always — and there was only so much Alec, Mary Carlson and Glenn could do about that. Commendations to tourney organizers.

The Mythical Seven had representatives from Beijing (Tory Hislop), Shanghai (Gareth Marshall and Tina Yen), Tianjin (Matt Wang, 王敏), Singapore Shiock (Sweeney), Southwest All-Stars (Adrian Reif) and Philippines (Fiaka). Beijing won the party award for going to the Saturday party as Doozers, from Jim Henson’s classic Muppets show Fraggle Rock, which was appropriate for the “Construction” theme. A few of them almost blended in with actual construction workers around the Bund, who must have wondered why these hard-hatters were wearing green tights.

Jon Greenberg of Huwa, who is wrapping up his one-year stay in China next month to pursue a Ph.D. back in the States, won a very well deserved tourney MVP award. Dawn Yeo Poletti of Freakshow was named female MVP.

Check back with China Ultimate in the coming days for pictures and further coverage of the 11th annual Shanghai Open.


2 Responses

  1. Correction: Ringers of Fire won Shanghai in 2007.

  2. Ah, I thought they'd lost to Shanghai in finals. Anonymous is probably right though – I must've been thinking of a different tourney.

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