Announcing: August and September tournaments in Singapore and Dalian

Newly added to our Google calendar: Singapore Open 2009 and the Dalian Ultimate Tournament.


From the Singapore Ultimate website:


The Singapore Open will be held over the National Day Weekend, 8-9 August 2009.


Farrer Park is our default option. But due to possible public works, the usable space may be affected and we may have to cap the number of teams. More news expected end-June/early-July. Meantime, we are exploring alternative sites as backup.


SGD$100 per player.
Team deposits, payment info & deadlines etc. TBC.

Registration Form



We have bids & interest from:

  • Australia (2 teams)
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia (several teams)
  • Philippines (several teams)
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand

It wasn’t too long ago that Singapore routinely hosted some of the best tournaments in Asia. With Freakshow’s latest showing in Shanghai — winning Universe Point against Philippines in the semis and giving the home team a good game in the finals — perhaps Singapore’s teams are ready retake the top tier of Asia Ultimate, currently occupied by Philippines and Shanghai.

(Keep an eye on Shiock, a perfect little dark horse team full of Singaporean locals who’ve played together for so long that they’re due for a breakout tournament. This could be it.)


Dalian will join Ningbo and Shenzhen as Chinese cities hosting their first-ever Ultimate tournament this year, and we think they’re better positioned to do it than their counterparts. For two straight years Dalian has sent two teams to China Nationals, earning a Spirit Award this year for their superior organization and all-around Frisbee know-how. We expect a great tournament.

Check out Dalian Ultimate’s Facebook page, which says:

The final game is between the foreign team and 14 chinese best players.

The way Ultimate has been growing in China — at Shanghai Open, Tianjin Five Star made huge strides by winning its first Sunday game to advance into the top eight — it should be an exciting final game.

Leo is the contact: 15940839608,

Rumor has it that Ultimate organizers in Qingdao are looking to host a beach tournament. We’ll let you know if it happens.


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