Leave it to China Daily to post a picture that has nothing to do with Ultimate Frisbee in an article about Ultimate Frisbee

We’re not really singling out China Daily on this one, though. If this were, say, the Washington Post, there’s a 50-50 chance a dog would be in the picture.

Really, really late on this one — sorry — but from a May 31 article in China’s No. 1 English-language newspaper:

Ultimate word in speed and stamina

A disc, a field, and eight cones. They can capture the imagination of all ages.

Entering the Chinese mainland nearly a decade ago, Ultimate Frisbee is fast becoming a big hit. A growing number of players gather at the Peking University every Saturday to indulge in its thrills.

For players in the Beijing Ultimate Frisbee, the “ultimate” is no longer a leisurely toss across the beach, but more of a competitive sport. It has graduated from a robust and entertaining beach activity to a highly competitive sport, over the past few years.

Check out this quote about spirit of the game:

“The spirit of the game at lower levels is of helping one another to learn the game, and be a little more accepting. At higher levels, it’s more about respecting your opponent and taking responsibility to know the rules,” says Wang Lei, a 20-year-old who joined the club two years ago.

Nicely done.

To whomever on Hang Time made this article happen: bravo, good sirs.


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