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From Red Sports:

Japan-Taiwan Ultimate team Mo’chi came from behind to beat Philipinas from Philippines 12-11 on the final day of the 11th Singapore Ultimate Open 2009 to emerge champions.

CUUP (China) beat Vudoo (IndonesiaVietnam) 12-8 to become Pool B Champions while it was an all Singaporean final in Pool C, where Lagi Shiok beat SMU 12-7 to claim the position of Pool C Champions.

Ultimate players from countries such as Thailand and India came together for this 2-day event, each bringing their passion for the sport.

“Ultimate is good spirit and fun, but at the same time challenging…A lifetime of fun!” exclaimed India’s captain Mark Scott, 33. Alec Hutson, 29 from China United Ultimate Party, also known as CUUP, shared, “Ultimate is based on fairplay, fun and love for your opponents…One of the best things in my life.”

Also see: Disk Knights Orange come in 3rd in Singapore Open 2009.


Congratulations to Mo’chi, champions of Singapore 2009

Much, much more to come next week, when this correspondent returns from Borneo.

Serious congratulations to Mo’chi, the Japan-Taiwan team led by all-around good guy Yoshio, who beat Pilipinas in a riveting final, 11-10.

Pilipinas appeared to pull away halfway through the game and led 9-6 when cap was called, making it a game to 11. They also led 10-7 before Mo’chi, through three or so layout D’s, fought its way to four straight points. The final score was a swirly backhand huck caught in the far corner of the end zone.

A message from Lance DuBos:

I hope everyone is safe and sound back home. Thanks so much for coming; we loved having you. So many great games, and great spirit throughout. Thank heaven (or secret Singapore government policies) for great weather.

Results are attached [ed’s note: we’ll post later]. Not all placement games were played, hence the ties for various ranks.

Pools C & D played out exactly to seed, Pool A had two flips between 2 & 3, 5 & 6. Pool B was the only wacky one. China were supposed to be good, right? Sorry, Alec, had to drop one good heckle since you weren’t within mic range.

The video will be edited and we hope to have a DVD to show at Manila if possible. Both finalists will also get a copy.

POSTSCRIPT: The shock of the tournament was not China United Ultimate Party failing to make Pool A quarters; it was home team Freakshow — Shanghai Open runners up and the tourney’s 1-seed before and after Saturday — losing in its first game Sunday to Disk Knights, the team that beat CUUP in pool play. And for the record, CUUP’s pool included two A Pool semifinalists (Sunken Pleasure and Disk Knights) and the Pool B champs — CUUP.

Sing Open: "24 teams from 13 countries descending on our little island…"

From tournament directors:

Girls & Boys,

Please disseminate this to your players. Look forward to seeing most of you at Registration Night!!

Captains’ meeting at 10pm.

Our website is updated (mostly). Attached are PDFs which participants may find useful:
(i) Sing Open 2009 info sheet; and
(ii) game schedule


A local High-Definition channel, SLING HD, is sending a crew to film proceedings. To help them get you screen-time, please would you complete two questionnaires (attached) for the TV crew:

(i) Team Questionnaire — background info about the team. Captains, please complete.

(ii) Player Questionnaire — Captains, please choose 2/3 key players and players with interesting stories to tell.

Please return the questionnaires to me:
– by email to ; or
– hardcopy printout to me in person at registration or at the fields


Lastly, here’s a tourney preview from the office of Cramer & Cramer:



Just a couple of days to the madness that will be the Singapore Open 2009. We’ve got 24 teams from 13 countries descending on our little island for a weekend of Ultimate action. 10 fields on Saturday, 6 fields on Sunday. Good times and a little bit of Singapore patriotism thrown in for good measure (it’s National Day on Sunday!). All the logistical details will come to you via the usual channels: water, check, disc, check, slightly bumpy (but at least mimosa-free) fields, check. The list goes on. Blah blah blah. The real question, of course, is who we’re going to be getting uncomfortably close to while playing post-game stripper/cowboy/skydiver.

There are rosters floating around somewhere, but we’ve decided to studiously ignore them. What’s the fun in getting it right anyways? So, here you are, a quick rundown of the teams you’ll see on the fields come Saturday morning. We take no responsibility for correctness (factual, political or otherwise).

Angelina’s Orphans (Cambodia): Straight outta the PP (that sounds a bit sketchy, but it’s Phnom Pehn, folks), with some reinforcement from Siem Reap, this is the first time everyone’s favourite former French colony has put in a showing at an overseas tournament. Watch for Jared “J-rad” Cahners, back from a 7-year exile in Wisconsin, showing off his svelte beer-and-cheese physique and silky smoove moves all weekend. Word is Greg Bloom is unavailable this time around. Dark horse quotient: 10.7.

CUUP (China): How is this possibly going to work? Beijing and Shanghai playing on the same team? Doc and Alec? Nads and everyone else? A recipe for disaster if ever there was one. We predict travel calls during their warm-up drills, a failed coup for the captaincy by Jim after game two on Saturday, and a top-20 finish.

Discindo (Indonesia): The seksiest team in Southeast Asia is going to make some waves in 2009. We’re not sure, how, why or where, but waves there will be. Word has it Brad “Xiao Mu” Smallwood has been recruited to bolster the D line (or was that sideline?). And those of you waiting for the Dan Murphy comeback tour are going home disappointed. The crusty vet index balances nicely at 8.2.

El Ninos (Malaysia): For those of you too young to remember Chris Farley, a quick lesson: their team name means “the Ninos”. You can look it up. Lack of knowledge leaves us stretching a bit here, but we think it’s safe to say you’re in for a good run if you have to match up against these guys. Oh, and watch out for #42.

Flying Naan (Malaysia): For those of you with the right connections on Facebook, you’ll already be in a psychedelic trance. Groovy headbands, short shorts and tie-dye jerseys coming your way. Carroll “duuuude” Moreton leads the way here. Over/Under: 54.8.

Junk (Hong Kong): Junk sails into town as the defending China Nationals champions. If they can take down a nation of 1.5 billion, what’s to stop them in diminutive Singapore? We’ve thrown a few dollars at the organisers to make sure Junk gets the worst possible schedule, but we leave it up to you, good citizens, to slow this team down on the field. And did they sign up a lady ringer recently? Only time (or more specifically, Saturday morning) will tell. Latest Hsu Hammer Index reading: 38.9.

Kidlat (Philippines): Kidlat means lightning in Tagalog (or “lightening” for some). Anyways, they walked away with some sort of award at last year’s Sing Open (B-Div champs?). Watch out for more where that came from this time around.

Pilipinas (Philippines): The Philippines national team. What combination of young, fast, athletic kids with ridiculous skills will they bring this time around? It’s like there’s an endless supply of them, and we’ve had just about enough of it. Give the people what they want: more Erik Waldie!

Mo’chi (Japan/Taiwan): With only two returning players, does this count as the 2009 version of Py-ro, the defending Sing Open champs? Probably not, but still looks like the start of a solid lineup with Yoshio, Kerry, Uli and Shu. Word has it Josh Hon may make a rare appearance, and that Brian Sheehan, one half of the Asian Ulti founding Bryan/Brian team, may also hit the fields. We realise these names mean nothing to 84% of you reading this, but that’s not stopping us (or them as they kick your young butts this weekend).

RMIT (Vietnam): More young, fast, increasingly skilled and drilled players making your life difficult on the field. Where are all the old, slow and over-the-hill teams? We hear that Singapore Ultimate is thinking of putting a lower age limit on participation at this tournament next year. Let’s hope it’s true. Dark horse quotient: 13.2.

Sizzle (Australia): JD and his merry men and women. We never know what to expect from down undah, but rumours have surfaced of a team that could do some serious damage. Might this be the first time an Australian team gets past quarters at Sing Open? Be sure to tune in on Sunday to find out.

Soidawgz (Bangkok): Here come the Dawgz. We’ve been told it’s not quite the team you’re used to seeing, but nonetheless, we’re going out on a limb and predicting a 14.6 party score on the modified Murphy scale. Adjusted for the hoppiness of the latest batch of Brewerkz’s Golden Ale, we’re going to bump that up to 15.2 for Sunday afternoon.

Team India (you guessed it, India): This one took a few years to get off the ground, but it looks like there will finally be an Indian team at the Sing Open (side note, there was a team from India out to a beach tourney here in Singapore last year). Led by Mark Scott and no doubt with some spiritual guidance from afar from house-bound brand new father and Asian Ulti founder, Bryan Plymale, we’re excited to see what they’ve got.

UP Sunken Pleasure (Philippines): Someone forgot to tell these guys that we’re not playing the 36-a-side, gravel-parking-lot-in-New Jersey version of Ultimate this weekend. They roll into town with a roster of 28 players. They plan to run you very very very deep into the ground. And in case you missed it, they are the defending HK tourney champs. Watch out.

Vudoo (Vietnam): Vietnam Ultimate Defence Offence Organisation! And here we thought it was all about some shamanistic doll-poking ritual thing. Dave Jensen is back with what will no doubt be a team of fast, skilled and hungry players. We hear Dave has slowed down a bit and his hops are on the decline, and that’s just fine with us. Have a beer and a couple of donuts, David. No, please, we insist.

And your Singapore teams:

Chuckies: Excuse me, were you looking for a boat race? Chances are you’ll see Chuckies throwing down a couple of times this weekend in between hard-fought games. The Chuckies/Soidawgz rivalry will be renewed. We’ve called in the expert panel for some insights on this one, and they’ve come up with the following prediction: beer.

Disc Knights Orange: Most recently finalists in KL, DK Orange sees the Knights fully loaded and ready to lay the hurt on some teams this weekend with big hucks, pinpoint breakmarks and huge Ds. You have been warned.

Disc Knights White: More DK, just a different colour. Unclear whether this is the Old Knights, the Young Knights or a combination of the two. Either way, they’ve probably been whipped into some serious shape, so be ready to run.

Freakshow Green: “Freak-show, Freak-show, Freak-show!” Yawn … anyone bored of that cheer yet? Well, it looks like we’ll have to put up with plenty of it this weekend. The good people at FS have managed to put together not one, not two, but three teams this time around. Defending Bali and KL champs and most recently finalists in Shanghai, we’ll see what they’re capable of on home turf.

Freakshow White: Captains Chua and Cramer are set to guide FS White to the promised land this weekend. Where that is, and what it’s like remains to be seen, but the promised land it will be.

Freakshow Camouflage: A smooth blend of old and new, this full-bodied, well-balanced … wait, we’re talking about an Ultimate team here. A mix of Freakshow’s newest players, one or two vets, and a few more than capable additions–watch for FS Camouflage (if you can find them).

Lagi Shiok!: More trouble coming your way from your favourite team with a punctuation! mark! in! its! name! We don’t know too much about them, but it’s fair to say they’ll be! exciting! to! watch!

Shiok!: Hungry and hard working, our guess is that no team has run as many sprints as Shiok has in the last two months. We also bet no team has eaten more cheeseburgers and fries (or maybe that’s just Enrique on his own). Do they cancel each other out? Watch for Shiok to push hard to better last year’s quarterfinal exit.

SMU: They may all be accountants and spend their free time reconciling general ledgers, but the SMUrfs have skills to spare. In truly inspirational form, Captain Bernard “Balance Sheet” Huang dropped this little gem on us during an interview: “It’s going to be a fun weekend.”. Good work, Bernard. Try to contain yourself, you’re on international email distribution here.

And what’s all this without a little bit of prognostication:

Four pools on Saturday. What will the top 8 look like going into Sunday? Here’s our very uneducated guess, in no particular order:




Freakshow Green


Sunken Pleasure


DK Orange

As always, thanks to our sponsors, affiliates & partners:

* Brewerkz
* Pocari
* Soyjoy
* OrthoSports
* 1Physiotherapy
* Zone
* Zsofi Tapas Bar
* The Toucan Irish Pub
* Sengkang West Citizens’ Consultative Committee
* LiveStudios
* Official Broadcaster: SlingHD


See y’all real soon!!


In case you’ve forgotten, it’s happening this weekend. Here’s an email from one of the organizers, Lance DuBos:


Your schedule attached. I didn’t actually get a lot of info from people, so had to work with a few hunches. Also had to separate the teams from the same country. Can’t see any possibility the top three teams are all in one pool, the only cardinal sin of seeding. I see the 2nd-4th rows of each pool as pretty tight, so some good games for placement into the playoffs.

4 pools of 6 teams each. Everyone plays five (5!) games on Saturday. By UPA format rules, we will play to 11. Sunday’s three games a bit longer. Our schedule has some constraints Sunday from the neighbouring National Day activities. We only have 6 fields, and a gap at 9:30am for the national anthem and birthday celebration. We should be up again by 10:10. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Top 2 go into A quarters sunday morning, 3 & 4 go into B, 5 & 6 to C. Awards for all three divisions. All brackets are pre-set to avoid rematches. Some re-seeding to avoid any that occur will be discussed, but very few likely. Captains can agree to alternate competitions for last round placement games on Sunday.

A few random pre-heckle comments:

FS Green, CUUP, Mo’chi and Pilipinas are all solid, and deserve no. 1’s.
The second row ain’t too bad. Two tourney champs from 2008, and a strong Ozzie squad. Oh, and Kidlat, who rolled through the Sing Open B division last year. Time to move up.
Soi Dawgz outside the top 8? Well, no Emma, no Lee Beller. Hell, they tried to recruit Mark Newton.
DK Orange led FS 5-1 in the Malaysia final. They don’t like to remember what happened next. Vudoo? Who knew? How many points will Dave play?
All of which means DiscIndo and Junk drop outside the top half. Ryan gets punished for starting the bash the Sing Open on false information thread. HK has 14 people. I don’t think they will like Saturday afternoon very much.
Wild-card Alert: Angelina’s Orphans may not have mothers, but some of them are mother……. decent players. Our other newbie, India, owe Keeks lots of beer and other favors for filling their roster.

Looking forward to having you all here again, or for the first time.

Announcing: Hong Kong tournament date, Oct. 24-25

The Hong Kong Pan-Asian Ultimate Frisbee Tournament will happen Oct. 24-25 in Aberdeen, Hong Kong. Will Sunken Pleasure defend its title? Will Beijing Big Brother be robbed of another party title? Will Freakshow continue its run of success? Mark your calendars…

Men’s team selection for Manila Spirits and Worlds

For the first time in recent memory, China will (try to) send an open team to a tournament in Asia. In November, Manila will host a regional qualifying for Worlds 2010 in Prague, coinciding with Manila Spirits during the weekend of Nov. 7-8.

Interested parties should contact me (email in left sidebar) or join China Open Ultimate on Google Groups.

Here’s the most recent announcement from Hong Kong’s Rob Adams, who’s spearheading this campaign:

China Open Players,

There is enough interest in the ‘Open division’ to try to create a Greater China Club team for Manila Spirits/AOUCC tournament.

The team structure is starting to take shape:

Treasurer and Coordinator – Grant Franke
He will be representing the team in liaising with WFDF, HKUPA, PUA, and other organisations to make this team a reality. Most further announcements will come from Grant.

The Roster Selection Committee – Nads, Balance, Jake, Tao
They will be attempting to put together a first cut for the Manila roster for August 21st.

If you haven’t filled the form out yet, please do so – it it important information for the selection comittee.

Please share the form’s link with anyone you think would be interested in trying out for this team.

Announcements on Captains and other roles to follow soon.