Men’s team selection for Manila Spirits and Worlds

For the first time in recent memory, China will (try to) send an open team to a tournament in Asia. In November, Manila will host a regional qualifying for Worlds 2010 in Prague, coinciding with Manila Spirits during the weekend of Nov. 7-8.

Interested parties should contact me (email in left sidebar) or join China Open Ultimate on Google Groups.

Here’s the most recent announcement from Hong Kong’s Rob Adams, who’s spearheading this campaign:

China Open Players,

There is enough interest in the ‘Open division’ to try to create a Greater China Club team for Manila Spirits/AOUCC tournament.

The team structure is starting to take shape:

Treasurer and Coordinator – Grant Franke
He will be representing the team in liaising with WFDF, HKUPA, PUA, and other organisations to make this team a reality. Most further announcements will come from Grant.

The Roster Selection Committee – Nads, Balance, Jake, Tao
They will be attempting to put together a first cut for the Manila roster for August 21st.

If you haven’t filled the form out yet, please do so – it it important information for the selection comittee.

Please share the form’s link with anyone you think would be interested in trying out for this team.

Announcements on Captains and other roles to follow soon.



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