In case you’ve forgotten, it’s happening this weekend. Here’s an email from one of the organizers, Lance DuBos:


Your schedule attached. I didn’t actually get a lot of info from people, so had to work with a few hunches. Also had to separate the teams from the same country. Can’t see any possibility the top three teams are all in one pool, the only cardinal sin of seeding. I see the 2nd-4th rows of each pool as pretty tight, so some good games for placement into the playoffs.

4 pools of 6 teams each. Everyone plays five (5!) games on Saturday. By UPA format rules, we will play to 11. Sunday’s three games a bit longer. Our schedule has some constraints Sunday from the neighbouring National Day activities. We only have 6 fields, and a gap at 9:30am for the national anthem and birthday celebration. We should be up again by 10:10. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Top 2 go into A quarters sunday morning, 3 & 4 go into B, 5 & 6 to C. Awards for all three divisions. All brackets are pre-set to avoid rematches. Some re-seeding to avoid any that occur will be discussed, but very few likely. Captains can agree to alternate competitions for last round placement games on Sunday.

A few random pre-heckle comments:

FS Green, CUUP, Mo’chi and Pilipinas are all solid, and deserve no. 1’s.
The second row ain’t too bad. Two tourney champs from 2008, and a strong Ozzie squad. Oh, and Kidlat, who rolled through the Sing Open B division last year. Time to move up.
Soi Dawgz outside the top 8? Well, no Emma, no Lee Beller. Hell, they tried to recruit Mark Newton.
DK Orange led FS 5-1 in the Malaysia final. They don’t like to remember what happened next. Vudoo? Who knew? How many points will Dave play?
All of which means DiscIndo and Junk drop outside the top half. Ryan gets punished for starting the bash the Sing Open on false information thread. HK has 14 people. I don’t think they will like Saturday afternoon very much.
Wild-card Alert: Angelina’s Orphans may not have mothers, but some of them are mother……. decent players. Our other newbie, India, owe Keeks lots of beer and other favors for filling their roster.

Looking forward to having you all here again, or for the first time.


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