Congratulations to Mo’chi, champions of Singapore 2009

Much, much more to come next week, when this correspondent returns from Borneo.

Serious congratulations to Mo’chi, the Japan-Taiwan team led by all-around good guy Yoshio, who beat Pilipinas in a riveting final, 11-10.

Pilipinas appeared to pull away halfway through the game and led 9-6 when cap was called, making it a game to 11. They also led 10-7 before Mo’chi, through three or so layout D’s, fought its way to four straight points. The final score was a swirly backhand huck caught in the far corner of the end zone.

A message from Lance DuBos:

I hope everyone is safe and sound back home. Thanks so much for coming; we loved having you. So many great games, and great spirit throughout. Thank heaven (or secret Singapore government policies) for great weather.

Results are attached [ed’s note: we’ll post later]. Not all placement games were played, hence the ties for various ranks.

Pools C & D played out exactly to seed, Pool A had two flips between 2 & 3, 5 & 6. Pool B was the only wacky one. China were supposed to be good, right? Sorry, Alec, had to drop one good heckle since you weren’t within mic range.

The video will be edited and we hope to have a DVD to show at Manila if possible. Both finalists will also get a copy.

POSTSCRIPT: The shock of the tournament was not China United Ultimate Party failing to make Pool A quarters; it was home team Freakshow — Shanghai Open runners up and the tourney’s 1-seed before and after Saturday — losing in its first game Sunday to Disk Knights, the team that beat CUUP in pool play. And for the record, CUUP’s pool included two A Pool semifinalists (Sunken Pleasure and Disk Knights) and the Pool B champs — CUUP.


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