A question from Kunming Hat Tourney organizers

From Barbara (simelebp@gmail.com) in Kunming:

Hey guys!

We got a sweet crowd of returning and new players here in Kunming and are thinking about organizing the second annual KM hat tournament. Since none of us have tournament organizing experience, we wanted to get an early start. So a few questions:

1. Would you be interested in coming to a Kunming Hat Tournament?
2. When would be a good time to hold said tournament? We don’t have to
do it at the same time as last year. [Last year it was Feb. 7]
3. Any suggestions on how to organize a tournament?

Please fill out the survey here.

As a participant in the first annual Kunming Hat Tourney, we’ll throw in our endorsement. If you haven’t been to Yunnan, take this opportunity to go.

China Ultimate’s coverage of last year’s tourney: here.


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