Qingdao Beach Hat Cancelled! 公开赛取消通知!

Sad news from Ed, Qingdao Beach Hat Tourney tournament director:


I’m very sorry to announce that the decision has been made to postpone the proposed Qingdao Beach Hat. Several unforeseen circumstances have recently gone against the tournament which has meant it s no longer financially or practically viable.
The beach management company changed their decision to let us use the beach for free, and their rental demands are far too high and cannot be realistically met. This coupled with the fact that in October there is tournament congestion with HK and Boracy on the weekends following the proposed date for Beach Hat, meant fewer people than expected seemed willing to participate in the tournament.
There has also been some smaller issues such as the hostel on the beach closing down unexpectedly last week, this was due to house all players and host the party. Also what was thought to be temporary swimming pool was put up over one of the proposed field areas, we’ve been told this is now a permanent fixture meaning one of the proposed fields would be greatly reduced in size.
A lot has been learnt in trying to prepare this tournament and hopefully when a new date is set the tournament will be better for it.Thank you to all those who expressed interest, enthusiasm and advice for the tourney.
Please let your respective players and teams be aware of this news.


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