Kunming tourney update

From Barbara Simeles:

Some of you have probably wondered, what happened to all that steam about KM Hat? Is it still gonna happen? Don’t worry! Kunming is ready to host another awesome tournament in the spring. Right now the vote is leaning towards March 6-7th but we haven’t quite locked down on a date yet. The deadline for the survey is going to be November 4, 2009. Get your votes in now!

By the way, your vote will have more impact if you fill out the survey completely (especially those parts about where you’re coming from and how many people you think will come).

Also, we estimate tourney fees will be 250元, like last year. We’re really trying to get some sponsorship so that we can give discounts to Chinese students.


P.S. For those who are looking for reasons to come here:

1. Sunny, dry, (mostly) unpolluted Kunming
2. Tubs of sliced pineapples IN THE WINTER (here’s to you, Northern and Eastern China)
3. Party in the same building you’re sleeping in, tops of 2 mins walk to bed when the party’s over
4. Hat tournaments are fun!
5. Yunnan is beautiful to travel around (Tiger Leaping Gorge, Meili Snow Mountains, etc.)


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