The controversial finish to the No. 4 vs. No. 5 game on Sunday

Before we begin posting pictures from Facebook albums (and there are lots), we’d like to share this video of the final point in the Boracay-Ninja Cowboy Bear quarterfinals on Sunday morning. We’ll leave our comments to ourselves, but see for yourself what the controversy was all about.


8 Responses

  1. You'll keep your comments to yourself?The video was loaded with comments and plainly calls the Boracay Dragons liars and cheaters. If you're gonna call someone a cheater at least have the balls to admit it. It was a crap call and a disappointing ending to a great game. But how is the posting of this video with the commentary at all in line with 'the spirit of the game'?

  2. Tim 1, you 0… she does look hurt after the hit… but she sure as hell tries hard to get up and play at universe point.. we cant hear her make the call but maybe she did? I think shows her commitment to her team to try and limp after a player and go for the D. Was she yelling for a call as she limped away? I don't know.. but…What happens on the field should stay on the field.

  3. Philippines teams have a tendency to argue and make lots of controversial calls. They have great athleticism, but they also need to read and understand the rules. Furthermore, Philippines teams have great spirit, but only when they are winning. If they are losing, the spirit of the game is all but lost from them. After playing against them for over 2 years of tournaments, I can understand why this video was posted.

  4. There are over 30 clubs spread through out the Philippines. Please don't generalize your opinion that "Philippines teams have a tendency to argue and make lots of controversial calls". But yes, there are some clubs who does that. But not all.

  5. She was obviously badly hit. and dude, she was limping!

  6. Having seen the footage, I don't think it was as bad a call as everyone made it seem at the time. The girl in question was clearly injured and the foul call, whether you agree or not, can be supported by the claim that the male player came into her space in a way that required contact (foul) to make the catch, even if you disagree with the call. Ninja then turns it over twice (once on a foul) unnecessarily with an open dump. So…. sucks to lose that way, but would suck for the Dragons to lose that way too….Also, for Tim, the footage is not Beijing Ultimate's, merely linked to by us. So the comments were inserted by a third party. Nothing wrong with posting it for review – just like when a ref makes a questionable call in professional sports. The game still stands, but it's good to show the public so they can see what has happened and form their own opinions. I don't think the footage calls the Dragons cheaters, merely questions the call and the outcome.And sadly, I must agree that there is a history of Philippines teams making bad/questionable calls when they are down in close games. Ask around and you'll hear plenty of stories. Let's keep it clean guys!!! We like to play and party with you all!

  7. Hey everyone. Quick clarification:This footage belongs to neither Beijing Ultimate nor China Ultimate. And this website is not in any way affiliated with Beijing Ultimate, except the author (that's me) writes for both websites.Philippines Ultimate, in my opinion, is a model for countries around Asia and probably the world. This is a generalization I think *most* people will agree with.That said — and I'll address this comment to Tim — the call looks suspicious at best. My opinion is that the player certainly has the right to call a foul, but it's pretty clear to me she got skied and that the foul should not have sent the disc back to the thrower (i.e., it was a foul after the catch). Of course, things were settled on the field — that includes Ninja's captain not challenging the play/call/result at that time — and the result was the result. Taop.s. Nothing wrong with a healthy discussion. Keep it up. (Though you folk in a land where there's free Internet, please excuse any delays from us in China, where Blogger is blocked.)

  8. hey, as i watched the video,the girl really get hurt and thats really bad for her, and if the girl really call a foul so why she's still stands up and run instead of sitting and yelling that she called a foul. how pitty to her and for her team.

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