Vietnam hat tourney in four days!

Sources also say there’s a chance the Cambodia Hat Tourney will be moved so as to not conflict with the second annual Kunming Hat Tourney. Updates as they become available…

Happy holidays to everyone.

Shenzhen makes a bid for China Open 2010

Beijing has had a good two-year run hosting China Open, but could that end in 2010? Balance of Shenzhen, in an email titled “Shenzhen is going to hold the 2010 China Open Ultimate Tournament.”, wrote:

Hi everyone

This is Balance. How’s your 2009?

As you can see from the title, it is our pleasure to tell you that Shenzhen is going to hold the 2010 China Open Ultimate Tournament, and that will be the first China national ultimate tournament in the south.

In 2007, the first China Open was held in Tianjin. Several Chinese teams joined.

In 2008, the second China Open was held in Beijing, more Chinese teams parcitipated.

in 2009, the Third China Open was held in Beijing again, stronger Chinese teams appear.

in 2010, the Fourth China Open will be put on where?? It is a good oppurtunity to welcome you to the south and engage in a new China tournament. It is nessesary to have a full China ultimate tournament in the south to develop China ultimate. Do you agree?

Since 2006, we have been working on spreading out China ultimate and have made great efforts. We are growing up and becoming one of the most important part in China ultimate. We feel confident to do this by consideration of our attitude, passion, human resources, circumstances, knowledge, etc. Most importantly, we had done a ultimate tournament proposal and handed in it to our government.

So, it is our honor to make this decision and announce it to everyone who concerns. Hopefully, I will see you in Shenzhen next year.


Beijing’s official response:

Hi everyone,

I’m writing on behalf of Beijing tourney organizers. Apologies for this email’s length, but please take it as a reflection of our interest in this topic.

We appreciate Balance’s enthusiasm in China Open and are grateful for his ongoing efforts in promoting Ultimate, in Shenzhen specifically and China in general. Moving forward, we agree it’s important to grow Ultimate in places like Chengdu, Kunming, Guangzhou and Tibet (which has a local team, believe it or not), whether that means encouraging more regional tournaments or moving China Open around. To Balance, Ivan, Barbara in Kunming, Kwong in Guangzhou, and anyone else trying to organize a tournament of any sort, whether that be Ningbo Hat or Shenzhen Open, please know you have Beijing’s full support. (Here I’ll put in a plug for the second annual Kunming Hat Tourney, March 6-7.)

However, that said, we feel China Open should stay in Beijing, at least this coming year. It’s not that we don’t have confidence in Balance, Ivan, etc. — on the contrary, we fully recognize their passion for Ultimate and their ability to organize — but we just think our city has more to offer.

First and foremost, we have been having ongoing discussions with various people from all over the country about holding China Open in Beijing again, and we were not, until yesterday, aware of anyone wanting to hold this tourney in 2010 outside the Northern Capital.

Beijing can offer great fields, restaurants, hotels and transportation, as we have the last two years, and we enjoy the support of Zahlen’s company, Five Ultimate, which is based in Tianjin. An added bonus is the media presence here: Beijing Ultimate has received, in this past year alone, coverage from China Daily, Beijing Today and China Sport Magazine. We have a CCTV contact that we hope will further help expose Ultimate to a greater Chinese audience.

Second, we have experience. Jeff Orcutt has directed China Open the last two years, and I can’t think of anyone better to run this year’s tourney. We also have a growing number of dedicated locals who are ready to take on a bigger role in this year’s tourney.

Third, most of China’s local teams are in the north — I count three each from Beijing, Tianjin and Dalian. I do not mean to minimize the presence of teams in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Ningbo and Hong Kong, but in purely practical terms, Beijing is more convenient for a greater number of teams. We hope to help Tianjin, Dalian, etc., build their respective Ultimate communities so that they can travel more extensively in the future.

Fourth, we have the resources, and our operation is 100% not-for-profit. All the money we collected from China Open last year went directly back into the tournament.

Fifth, we believe at this point what is most important for China Open is sponsorship and growing participant numbers. This aspect of the tournament would be best served by using a host city that players are familiar with and can rely on. At this point, moving either the time or location of China Open may not be conducive to this long-term goal.

Hosting an event of China Open’s magnitude is a difficult, thankless job, but we do it because we’re passionate about China Ultimate and derive utmost gratification in a job well done. We are deeply encouraged by the expressed interest from other parties and would like to extend a formal invitation to leaders in all of China’s Ultimate communities to join this discussion. We can start by brainstorming ways to strengthen our national structure for communication and cooperation.

In the meantime, Beijing is looking forward to hosting China Open in mid- to late-May, same as in years past. We sincerely welcome input in the form of comments, suggestions, questions and criticism, because in the end, our sole ambition is to provide the best possible experience for China’s Ultimate players. Anything you can do to to help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.


Tao, Jeff, Ken Su, Mike Shyu, et al.

(Ivan of Shenzhen adds):

Hi Dear All,

I would like to express a few humble opinions on this issue.

I saw a poll of “which city do you like to host the 2010 China Nationals” that Balance submitted on China Ultimate Frisbee QQ Group.Almost every chinese ulti players are on that group, and people have started to vote. I think Balance’s emails are just to start the discussion, and of course I don’t think its a decison that Shenzhen will host the 2010 China Nationals.

Since late 2007 I have played ultimate in Wuhan,Kunming,Guangzhou and now in Shenzhen, I can feel that the Ultimate in the South is growing well and the South is deserve to host a Nationals. The Shenzhen Ulti Crew are excited to work hard to prepare a GREAT tournament, and we also get the support from Guangzhou and HK Ultimate Friends.

Most of your may know Balance as an Ultimate Cameraman,but I think he is much more than that.I admire Balance’s full dedication and energy for the Ultimate development in China, and he also have worked hard to build the chinese ultimate website I think Balance’s first email is just represent the strong will of most southern ultimate players to host the 2010 China Nationals, and he represent well.

Best wish to all of you,


Leftover videos from AOUCC / Manila Spirits

The incredible Link vs. Boracay finals in the Open division on Friday:

Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5. The crowd’s fully into it at the end. Also see: how Boracay got to finals.

Women’s finals, D-CUUP vs. Team Pilipinas Bebots:

Part 2

Mixed finals, Black Flag vs. Shiock:

Other videos: Team Philippines vs. Sizzle, Saturday; Mulatto Davao vs. Hong Kong Junk, Saturday.

Manila Spirits (and Ultimate) write-up in CNNGO


By Beijing’s Mitch Moxley

…In November, Manila hosted its annual “Spirits” tournament, which drew a record 47 teams from across Asia. The tournament attracted corporate sponsors and was covered by local media.

“This year’s tournament was huge, not just for Manila but for all of Asia ultimate,” says Mel Lozano, a tournament organizer. “What started as a small group is now a huge international community that continues to grow. It’s beyond what anyone expected.”

Announcing: Cambodia hat tourney

Cambodia’s Angelina’s Orphans is hosting a hat tournament, registration for which is here. Unfortunately it’s on March 6-7, the same weekend as Kunming’s awesome hat tourney, but we’re pretty sure Asia Ultimate is big enough for two events.

Or not? More info when we get it.

The Phnom Penh Ultimate website is here, and the contact is Craig Gerard, CraigDGerard(at)gmail(dot)com.