Shenzhen Hat Tourney recap

Congratulations to Balance and Ivan for organizing a successful six-team hat tournament, themed “Tiger,” over the weekend. An especially nice touch was the pizza on Saturday night, above and beyond the expectations of hungry Frisbee players. (The evening was punctuated by a loud and long argument amongst captains, who were in varying stages of drunkenness, on what to do with Michael Hsu’s winless team; specifically, whether to “give them a chance.” Then people, led by Rob Adams, went to a really loud club, and it’s uncertain how Micah Jarnot, with Jimmy, got home that night.)

After round-robin games, the standings looked like this:

Amos: 5-0
Rob: 3-2
Bill: 3-2
Tao: 2-3
Micah: 2-3
Michael: 0-5

Michael’s team — with Doc — upset Bill’s team in the quarters and then won 4-3 in the semis. The final point was the only one scored upwind, and came off a dropped pull.

Tao’s team (with Kwong, Emmy Smith, Tommy Fung, et al.), meanwhile, got a bye into semis, and once there they avenged an earlier one-point loss by beating Amos’s team (which had Josh Perles, Ivan, Erin and Barbara, among others) 9-7. Then they won finals 8-6 (or a score very similar to that).

Balance’s recap of the tournament is here. There was a sizable media contingent on Saturday, which resulted in this.

And now, picture albums:

Hong Ly, 2010 Shenzhen Hat Day 1

2010 Shenzhen Hat Day 2

Anthony Tao, Shenzhen Hat Tourney 2010

Balance Wang, The 2nd Shenzhen Hat Tournament


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  2. […] China Ultimate’s review of last year’s Shenzhen Hat. […]

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