Ningbo Hat Tourney recap

It was surprisingly cold in Ningbo on Saturday, but it began getting warmer as the weekend drew on and by the end we were enjoying games and beer as the sun set on the second annual Ningbo Hat Tournament.

Congratulations go out to tourney organizers, who have written up a nice recap, in Chinese, here.

It was a top-loaded tournament, and at the very top was the team led by Beijing’s Jim Kirchhoff (called Mars), which deployed a zone all tourney and beat Alec’s team in the finals. [Update: then they danced.] Here were the records of the respective teams after round-robin games:

Jim, 5-0, champions (pictured above)
Alec, 4-1, runners up
Jeff Hsu, 3-2, lost in semis
Tao, 2-3, lost in semis
Adam, 1-4, lost in quarters
Chaitkin, 0-5 (lost four games by a combined 5 points), lost in quarters

More pictures here and here.

Omar Pandoli’s album here, with samples:

Playing beer frizz during finals…

And the following are from my Facebook album.


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