China Open update: PAJAMAS party theme!

Sent to respective captains earlier today:



首先对已经完成报名的队伍表示感谢。还没有报名的队伍,我们现提醒大家:这次比赛的报名截止日期为4月30日。请点击 下载报名表。







Dear Captains,

A quick China Open 2010 update.

Thank you to all the teams that registered early. For everyone else, a friendly reminder that the next (and last) registration deadline is April 30. A registration form can be downloaded at

Some of you have asked about lodging, which is currently on the top of our agenda. We will let you know the hotel location and prices soon.

The party this year will be held Chinese banquet-style with food, bottomless beer, an assortment of games and … PAJAMAS! That’s right, we’re holding a pajama/slumber party. Come out in your tube socks, nightcaps, nighties, tighty-whiteys, negligees or whatever your sleepwear of choice. Pajamas!

Disc designs are looking, in the simplest terms, sweet. In 2008 it was the Great Wall, and then last year it was Tiananmen… the person who guesses this year’s iconic image will get a cookie, if we have one.

As always, questions, comments and suggestions are welcomed to this address.

China Open Committee


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