Happy Rat featured in CUPA

A brilliant little bit of Q-and-A from the guys over at CUPA (you can tell Happy Rat emailed his answers because a lot of the punctuation placement (not usage… placement) is sic).

Picture by Kevin Reitz

If you don’t know Happy Rat, by the way, you probably shouldn’t ask — God knows we in Beijing don’t. Let’s just say deniable plausibility and leave it at that.


And we are not just playing we are team. We are terminator.

I taught them how to get girl . how to be smart how to get money etc that’s our practice

We don’t practice like bb or any other team we practice a lot .

99% people they are students and ethnic people.
Only one percent that s me an asshole

If big brother is the brother or leader of china
Then I am air woo s big brother .
Bie ke is my student we are on the same boat .
And by the way there is another team now days call them air loo from shan dong .
You will see them soon.

Air Tibet took me a lot . I will show them not by words .
But I can represent them and give china ultimate a gift (扎西德勒)
I swear that some day they will kick your ass no mercy

HT: Ivan Xu


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