Tianjin Open schedule

This weekend’s tournament:

Pool A Pool B
PA1 Hufrog PB1 Big Bro
PA2 Bang PB2 Tianjin Speed1
PA3 Hangtime PB3 Maple Leaf School
PA4 Tianjin Speed 2 PB4 Bang 2
PA5 Tianjin Normal Uni PB5 Teda

Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 4 Bye
10:00-11:00 PA1 vs. PA3 PB1 vs. PB3 PA2 vs. PA4 PB2 vs. PB4 PA5, PB5
11:30-12:30 PA2 vs. PA5 PB2 vs. PB5 PA3 vs. PA4 PB3 vs. PB4 PA1, PB1
13:00-14:00 PA1 vs. PA2 PB1 vs. PB2 PA4 vs. PA5 PB4 vs. PB5 PA3, PB3
14:30-15:30 PA1 vs.PA 5 PB2 vs. PB3 PA2 vs. PA3 PB1 vs. PB5 PA4, PB4
16:00-16:30 PA1 vs. PA4 PB1 vs. PB4 PA2, PB2
16:30-17;30 PA3 vs. PA5 PB3 vs. PB5
19:00 Dinner&Party

Pool winners get byes into semis on Sunday. Two-seeds get byes into quarters. The three and four seeds play crossover, with winner going into quarters and losers going into Beginners’ Bracket on Sunday.


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