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010-64072593, 010-64059911
80-100张床 / 每张床50元
20张床 / 每张床90元文龙祥宾馆
30张床 / 每张床45元

40张床 / 每张床109元

北京东城区安内大街菊儿胡同 33号
40张床 / 每张床109元
30-50张床 / 每张床90元

30张床 / 每张床120元

25张床 / 每张床30元


**观察员** 在中国队的半决赛和决赛中,赛会将提供观察员,他们的职责是平息争论和维持比赛节奏。我们明白对于中国飞盘而言,这个概念较为新鲜,但是我们觉得过去比赛中的摩擦与冲突表明观察员存在的必要。如果你想阅读关于此决定的讨论,请点击这里。更多信息,请参考


1. 在每条线处对界内/外的判断;2. 掌握不同分组之间的时间 (我们仍在决定组间适合的时长;关于UPA的70-20规则是否适用于中国飞盘的讨论仍在进行中);

3. 调解争论。这里需要提示一下,观察员不是裁判。在所有距离内,队员都应该自己首先做出示意并互相讨论。







The date is fast approaching. Registration for the 2010 China Open closes THIS FRIDAY, April 30, at midnight. If you haven’t already, please register your team or yourself at

Hotels this year will be at Dongzhimen, i.e. just inside the northeast corner of Second Ring Road (for addresses and phone numbers, click here). Please email us your hotel preference and give us the exact number of people who will need accommodations:

Dream Travel :
80-100    ppl    / 50 rmb each
20          ppl    / 90 rmb eachWenlongxiang:
30          ppl   /45 rmb each

Home Inn:
40          ppl  /109 rmb each

Gu Yun Fang:
30-50     ppl   /90 rmb each

30         ppl   /120 rmb each

The Dirty one:
25         ppl   /30 rmb each

The gender ratio this year will be 4/3 or 5/2, offense decides. Please consult the updated tourney info section for more rules, etc.

**OBSERVERS** In the semifinals and finals of the Chinese bracket, the tournament will be providing observers, whose duty it is to settle disputes and maintain the pace of the game. We understand this concept is new to China Ultimate, but we feel incidents in previous tournaments have made observers a necessity. If you’d like to read the discussion thread that led us to this decision, please click here. For more information, please see:

Among the observers’ responsibilities:

1. Active in/out calls on all lines.2. Active time-keeping for time-between-pulls (we are still deciding on an appropriate length of time between pulls; please bear with us as we debate whether the 70-20 UPA rule should be applied to China Ultimate).

3. Mediating disputes. It’s important to note here that observers are not referees. Players are expected to make calls and discuss amongst themselves first, in all instances.

You have our pledge that observers will be qualified individuals who have not competed in the Chinese division. If you are interested in being an observer, please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions/concerns.

And finally, please check the newly added HISTORY section on the official site for pictures from previous tournaments.

See you all in two and a half weeks!

China Open Committee


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