Congratulations to Big Brother, winners of the 1st annual Dalian beach tournament

UPDATE: Videos of finals (YouTube, Youku) and party (YouTube, Youku) now available.

Big Brother won the 1st annual Naipao Tires Dalian Beach Tournament over the weekend, winning round-robin games by scores of 13-3, 13-1 and 13-2. In the finals, Big Brother defeated a team of Chinese all-stars 15-4, though the Chinese players gave an all-out effort with massive layouts just about every point.

Naipao Tires was our sponsor, which was a curious choice considering a) we were on a beach and b) none of us drive cars. Later, the mayor swung by and Big Brother’s Jim Kirchhoff asked the mayor to sign a Frisbee:

Dalian’s press corps was out in force to cover the event — mostly the mayor’s appearance, I think — and this article surfaced a couple days after the tournament.
There’s much more coverage of this event over at the Beijing Ultimate blog.
UPDATE, 8/11: Facebook albums now available: Saturday; Sunday.

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  1. […] a great place to take a break from industrial-commercial city life. Big Brother made it for the beach tournament earlier this year and will continue supporting its cousin city to the north and hope other China […]

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