Congratulations to United Colorum, winners of Hong Kong Pan-Asian Tournament

Photo by Mel Lozano

United Colorum, led by Jason Lopez and Britt Mercadante, beat Beijing Big Brother 13-11 in the finals of the 11th annual Hong Kong Pan-Asian Ultimate Frisbee tournament yesterday. It was a great finals (so this participant was told) with seven first-half breaks between the two teams — and Colorum taking half 8-7 (on, naturally, a break).

Apparently a video is coming soon from tournament organizers, but until then, here’s your quick and dirty recap of the finals:

Big Brother’s O-line gave up an uncharacteristic break to start it off, with Rosie hand-blocking a huck to get a key turn. That would only start the flurry of break points, however. Just as Colorum seemed to be pulling away, Big Brother scored consecutive breaks to take a 5-4 lead.

Both offenses settled down a little in the second half, with J-Lo and Derrek effectively playing the huck game and Jim anchoring the Big Brother O-line. After Colorum went up two breaks, Beijing mixed up its lines to some success, but was only able to pull to 12-11. Jason Lopez threw a huck just under Tao’s hand to Derrek for the game-winning score.

A couple photo albums have surfaced, most notably Mel Lozano‘s, Andrea Shaw‘s and Ingrid Akerlind‘s.

This marks the second time in three years that Big Brother has lost in the finals of the Hong Kong tournament. They won all their games on Saturday, beating Colorum 7-5.

Southwest China won the Spirit award and Monster won the dance award. Hopefully a video of their Saturday night party will emerge.

Your Mythical Seven:

From left to right: Leslie Sim, United Colorum; Alicia Lui, Beijing Big Brother; ??? (Singapore team); Geoff Ng, Shanghai Huwa; Jim Kirchhoff, Big Brother; Chris Calvert, Hong Kong Junk; Katie Bradstock, Junk


Announcing: Bangkok Hat, February 12-13, 2011

Facebook page here. China Ultimate’s roundup of 2009’s Bangkok Hat here.

The following note is from Tri of Bangkok:

Greetings ultimate folks! I’m happy to pass along the word that the Dawgz finally set the date for the 11th Bangkok Hat. It will take place on February 12/13, 2011. (It is a little later than last year because we want people to avoid the hassles of traveling during Lunar New Year time. Sorry, can’t please everyone.)

Important FYI- It will be at the same fields/facility. If you didn’t see the guns in the past, allow me to remind you that it’s an Army base. Therefore, it maybe NOT be available when political problems (ala Red Shirts) arise. So, we hope it wouldn’t be a surprise or a problem for you when the tournament hits a major wall. (We tried to look for back up fields but nothing is nearby that can hold 6 games simultaneously.) Let’s hope for the best.

Registration site is not ready yet. Look for it in a few weeks (late October). Check our website later on: And you can email the committee if you have any specific questions (or suggestions)

Meanwhile, check your work calendar and for flights. Hope to see you in February.


Tri and co.

Picture albums from Singapore and Dalian

This wraps up our coverage of the Singapore and Dalian tournaments last month.

From Angella Simitaiji: SUO’10 Day 1 Part 1

Rudy Lim with the layout

Benjamin Ho with the grab

From Perkin Chai: Singapore Ultimate Open 2010

Jacqueline Ang of Kidlat

Tao: Singapore Open 2010

Derek Ramsey

Mike “Nads” Narodovich

And finally, one from the Dalian Facebook album:

Big Brother