Congratulations to Black Flag, repeat champions of Manila Spirits

They conquered the field once again, leaving no doubt that only one towers over Asia Ultimate.

Black Flag’s toughest game was its first on Sunday morning, against a young and fearless Disc Knights in the quarterfinals, but the savvy veterans prevailed and proceeded to roll Ninja Cowboy Bear in the semis before disposing of the Boracay Dragons — a team that would have won just about any other tournament in Asia (with the possible exception of Shanghai Open this summer) — in a well-played finals.

Game scores, pictures, videos are all forthcoming. For now, keep on hitting refresh on the Manila Spirits website — one only assumes the galleries will be posted soon.

And yes, as the watermark says, visit Dane Kalbo’s website.


Congratulations to CUUP and Hong Kong, winners of the Open and Women’s Division of Manila Spirits 2010

Congratulations to China United Ultimate Party, winners of the Friday Open division at Manila Spirits. CUUP defeated Jason Lopez’s mostly Singaporean team in a very entertaining finals, 15-11.

Congratulations also go out to the women of China, who played under the banner of Hong Kong Junk and held off a feisty Singapore squad in the finals. Junk saw a big lead disappear before buckling down for the win.

In the semis, Junk was down 7-4 to the Pilipinas women before scoring five straight. At 9-8, Beijing’s Alicia got a layout D on the goal line to set up the winning goal.

Disclaimer: Scores need double-checking… edits will be appended as necessary.

Much, much more to come soon…

Guangzhou Hat Tournament update – registration form

Copied and pasted from TD’s email… [sic] is assumed.
Hello Fellow Ultimate players!
Guangzhou is holding it’s annual Jumble Jumble Ultimate Hat Tournament!
广州正要举行一年一度的Jumble Jumble飞盘大赛!
Don’t worry if you are new to the sport or very experienced, just come play.
Date:  Saturday, December 11th
Time:  To be Announced ***
Venue:  Guangzhou, field To Be Announced ***
Cost:   150 RMB (includes lunch, T-shirt, water, field rental)
Students: 100 RMB
日期:  12月11日星期六
场地:广州(关于场地,请大家等待颁布) ***
费用:150 元人民币(包含午餐、场地租金, T恤和水)
学生100 元人民币
*** We are still working on pinning down the location and time. The Asian Games have made things a little more complicated than usual. We’ll let you know the exact time and location as soon as we have it. It will begin in the morning (around 9:00) and end in the late afternoon.
To register, please email by Monday, November 29th with the following information:
Cell phone #:
Skill Level:
Are you …
–  a beginner
– well-trained and know the rules (1+ years playing)
– advanced
Fitness Level:
–  can play in tournaments
–  can play one full game
–  can survive pickup
T-shirt size:
T恤 尺码:
And for those of you who are staying in Guangzhou Saturday night, there will be a PARTY! Details to come….
Lizzie & Kelsey

Announcing: Guangzhou Jumble Jumble Hat Tournament

From tournament directors:
Save the date!
The annual Guangzhou Jumble Jumble Hat Tournament will be held on Saturday, December 11th. It will be a one-day tournament (with a party afterward if you want to spend the night!). The registration fee will be somewhere between 100 and 150 RMB. More information will be coming your way soon, but be sure to save the date.
Your Jumble Jumble Tournament Directors,
Kelsey and Lizzie
P.S. If you have questions, you can reach us at

Congratulations to Big Brother, winners of Wuhan Open

Beijing Big Brother won the “Hubei 2010 Ultimate Frisbee Open,” as the organizers called it, held in Wuhan over the weekend. The finals was played in front of a crowd of at least 1,000 people inside the main outdoor stadium at the Wuhan Politics, Economics and Law University. Big Brother defeated a team of all-stars — South China All-Stars — consisting mostly of players from Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Big Brother took half 7-1 behind the strength of well-placed hucks and crushing defense. South China played the second half completely even with Beijing, including getting a couple quick breaks. But in the end, Big Brother had too much experience and firepower, prevailing 15-9.

Congratulations go out to Bieke, who directed his first tournament (there have been lots of firsts in China Ultimate this year). We hope to see this tournament develop beyond this year, as it’s the only tourney currently held in Central China.

On Friday, Gareth, Ingrid and Tao (that’s me) from Beijing, along with Matt Sheehan from Xi’an, helped run a clinic that was attended by about 50 students at the Wuhan Geology College. This was an event sponsored in part by the nascent Ultimate Association of China.
For more — especially pictures — please see the Beijing Ultimate blog.

Picture by Zhang Qing


Announcing: Taiwan Open Ultimate Championships

From Michael Hu, general secretary of the Chinese Taipei Flying Disc Association:

We are pleased to inform you that Chinese Taipei Flying Disc Association (CTFDA) will host the 2010 Taiwan Open Ultimate Championships in National Stadium Headquarters ( The World Games 2009 Kaohsiung Main Stadium ) in Kaohsiung City (the south metropolis of Taiwan).

The goal of the event is to give an opportunity for the teams in Asia to compete against each other and increasing the friendship around us.

Here are the details on the event and please feel free to contact Tournament Director Michael Hu.

2010 Taiwan Open Ultimate Championships Tournament Information

Team participation

As for team participation, there will be one division – Mixed4 male – 3 female, offense call 5 male – 2 female. We calculated to have possibly 12-16 teams.


This tournament uses 2009 WFDF Ultimate


Venue Information:


Tournament dates

11th-12th, December, 2010

Register Deadlines

17th November , 2010.

Player’s Fees

Player’s fee – US$100

Players fee to be paid before November 24, and cannot change the roster.

Player’s fees including:

1. Player’s bag (Player’s Card, 175grams Ultra Star Tournament disc × 1, Tournament-Jersey, souvenir, etc)

2. 2 nights accommodation( Check-in on 10th and check-out on 12th in December )

3. 2 days free lunch box, water and fruits.

4. Shuttle bus between fields and hotels.

5. Trainer and Medical service

6. Player’s night

7. Insurance

Accommodation Info:

  1. Hotel:  Lees Boutique Hotel
  2. Address: No. 106, Wu-Fu 1st Rd., Kaohshiung City, Taiwan
  3. Tel: +886-7-2296030
  4. Fax: +886-7-2267735
  5. Website:
  6. E-mail:
  7. If you would like to check in earlier or check out later, each room will charge NT$ 1,800 per day ( two persons a room, two buffet). Please use the reservation sheet to reserve your room.