Announcing: Taiwan Open Ultimate Championships

From Michael Hu, general secretary of the Chinese Taipei Flying Disc Association:

We are pleased to inform you that Chinese Taipei Flying Disc Association (CTFDA) will host the 2010 Taiwan Open Ultimate Championships in National Stadium Headquarters ( The World Games 2009 Kaohsiung Main Stadium ) in Kaohsiung City (the south metropolis of Taiwan).

The goal of the event is to give an opportunity for the teams in Asia to compete against each other and increasing the friendship around us.

Here are the details on the event and please feel free to contact Tournament Director Michael Hu.

2010 Taiwan Open Ultimate Championships Tournament Information

Team participation

As for team participation, there will be one division – Mixed4 male – 3 female, offense call 5 male – 2 female. We calculated to have possibly 12-16 teams.


This tournament uses 2009 WFDF Ultimate


Venue Information:


Tournament dates

11th-12th, December, 2010

Register Deadlines

17th November , 2010.

Player’s Fees

Player’s fee – US$100

Players fee to be paid before November 24, and cannot change the roster.

Player’s fees including:

1. Player’s bag (Player’s Card, 175grams Ultra Star Tournament disc × 1, Tournament-Jersey, souvenir, etc)

2. 2 nights accommodation( Check-in on 10th and check-out on 12th in December )

3. 2 days free lunch box, water and fruits.

4. Shuttle bus between fields and hotels.

5. Trainer and Medical service

6. Player’s night

7. Insurance

Accommodation Info:

  1. Hotel:  Lees Boutique Hotel
  2. Address: No. 106, Wu-Fu 1st Rd., Kaohshiung City, Taiwan
  3. Tel: +886-7-2296030
  4. Fax: +886-7-2267735
  5. Website:
  6. E-mail:
  7. If you would like to check in earlier or check out later, each room will charge NT$ 1,800 per day ( two persons a room, two buffet). Please use the reservation sheet to reserve your room.

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