Congratulations to Big Brother, winners of Wuhan Open

Beijing Big Brother won the “Hubei 2010 Ultimate Frisbee Open,” as the organizers called it, held in Wuhan over the weekend. The finals was played in front of a crowd of at least 1,000 people inside the main outdoor stadium at the Wuhan Politics, Economics and Law University. Big Brother defeated a team of all-stars — South China All-Stars — consisting mostly of players from Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Big Brother took half 7-1 behind the strength of well-placed hucks and crushing defense. South China played the second half completely even with Beijing, including getting a couple quick breaks. But in the end, Big Brother had too much experience and firepower, prevailing 15-9.

Congratulations go out to Bieke, who directed his first tournament (there have been lots of firsts in China Ultimate this year). We hope to see this tournament develop beyond this year, as it’s the only tourney currently held in Central China.

On Friday, Gareth, Ingrid and Tao (that’s me) from Beijing, along with Matt Sheehan from Xi’an, helped run a clinic that was attended by about 50 students at the Wuhan Geology College. This was an event sponsored in part by the nascent Ultimate Association of China.
For more — especially pictures — please see the Beijing Ultimate blog.

Picture by Zhang Qing


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