Announcing: Phnom Penh Big Phat Hat tournament, March 5-6

From the TD:

Registration is now open for the second annual International Women’s Day Phnom Penh Big Phat Hat tournament, on 5-6 March 2011.
That’s right, we’ve decided to do one last hat before (probably) switching to a team format next year. The basics:

Theme: Les Aventures de Tintin
Cost: $65
Inclusions: Jersey, hat, lotsa free food & beer, disc, transport to the field, and other stuff
Other costs: Visa (free for ASEAN members; $20 for others – visas can be secured upon entry)
Other benefits: Cheap lodging and quite possibly the time of your life; good excuse for a 4-day weekend in Cambodia if you get March 8 (Tuesday) off.

Last year was a raging success, highlighted by:
– a crackin’ party
– gourmet lunches (informally voted the best tourney food in Asia)
– cattle trucks
– happy pizza
– bottomless beer
– various fun rules, including all-female universal points
– a full slate of halftime contests (including a rare chicken-wing
contest), and
– a very special appearance by the Gimp

This year promises more of the same, only bigger and badder.

You got questions? We got answers. Email Greg ( or Craig

Keep ’em flyin’.



Tourney page and registration:


Photos from last year’s tourney:!/media/set/?o.38943791964


Congratulations to the organizers of Guangzhou Jumble

The one-of-a-kind Guangzhou “Jumble” tournament, a one-day affair yesterday, ended with the *combined* team called Guangzhou Victory taking home the championship. In the encroaching darkness, a Victory picture:

Don’t mind the dot; picture by Lizzie Fulton

More details later — once we find out exactly what a jumble tournament is.

Congrats to Lizzie Fulton and Kelsey Clark for running a successful tournament.

UPDATE: Much clearer pictures from Alicia of Beijing:

Congratulations to the finals MVPs, Wilkie Chu from Hong Kong and Eileen “Peach” Regan from Changsha.

UPDATE 2: Tournament director Lizzie weighs in, and offers more pictures:

It’s the 3rd year Guangzhou has done it (so the idea was formulated before my time…).The idea is that everyone is in a small team, about 5-6 people. For each game they’re combined with a different small team to face another combined team. So essentially you never play with the same group of people twice. We had 4 games like that until semi-finals. It’s crazy, jumbly, social, and a lot of fun.

Credit also goes to Guangzhou’s Kwong for figuring out the point system.

Photo albums from Manila Spirits 2010

This list is very incomplete, but it’s a good start … let me know if you’d like to add to the list. (Many of these albums aren’t public, so start friending away…)

The official photo albums (from Cushe Philippines):

SPIRITS 2010 album 1:

Panoy Delos Santos, Lincoln Cheung

SPIRITS 2010 album 2:

Eugenio Carlo Kawee Tolentino, Daisy Jane Cimafranca

SPIRITS 2010 album 3:

SPIRITS 2010 album 4:

Kevin Cho

Jason Zhang, Carroll Gau

SPIRITS 2010 album 5:


Tao’s three albums:

Manila Spirits 2010, Friday – Open and Women’s:

Pia Ybanez, Candice Lee

Manila Spirits 2010, Saturday night party:

Zach Fanders

Manila Spirits 2010, Mixed (Saturday and Sunday):

Gareth Marshall

Spirits Day 1: All the Single Ladies (Joshua Phua):

SPIRITS @ Clark =) DAY 2 (27 Nov. 2010) (Sophie Sacapano):

Spirits 2010 (Mel Lozano):

Mark Scott, Alicia Lui, Anthony Tao, Ellen Wong, Zach Fanders

Manila Spirits ’10: Perya I (Audrey Rose Dusaran):

Manila Spirits 2010 (Nina Helmke):

A Circus of Spirits in Manila, November 2010 (Doug Heimburger):

Manila Spirits 2010 “Perya Pilipinas sa Clark” part 3 (Joan Coleen Lim):

Spirits 2010 Album – Time to Party! (Patrick Lapid):

Team pictures from Saturday night’s party: Perya Pilipinas: Philippine Ultimate Association Spirits 2010

And finally… Boracay: Bora 2010, Thu-Sun (Akira Yamaguchi)

Registration closed for Bangkok Hat, Feb. 12-13

A message from Saumil Shah and the Bangkok Hat team about the 11th annual Bangkok Hat Tournament:

Dear all, sorry if you receive this twice.

Registration for the 2011 Bangkok HAT is now closed. If you have already registered, you should receive a confirmation email later today.

If you have not registered already, we are starting a waiting list. If you would like to be added to the wait list, please send an email to:;

If you receive a confirmation email and for some reason you are NOT going to make it, please let us know as soon as possible. This is crucial because there are people on the waiting list. We understand that things do come up.

Message from Tri: Registering and not coming (without letting us know in advance of your cancellation) may land you on the “black list” for future tourneys. This “black list” is for the Vietnam Hat as well; Tri has some influence =).

The theme for this year’s tourney is “Historic Hat”. Two years ago was the future. Last year went back in time with “Old School”. We’ll go further back in time this year. Think ancient history! So, here is your chance to be a/an: Cave man, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Spartan, Knight, Viking, Samurai, Ming dynasty warrior, Aztec, Mayan, Native (American/Indian or of your local country), Dan Axon… But it can be more recent since we called it “historic”. So, if you want to be Ho Chi Minh, Hitler, Saddam…

Have a wonderful holiday season.

The Bkk Hat team