Photo albums from Manila Spirits 2010

This list is very incomplete, but it’s a good start … let me know if you’d like to add to the list. (Many of these albums aren’t public, so start friending away…)

The official photo albums (from Cushe Philippines):

SPIRITS 2010 album 1:

Panoy Delos Santos, Lincoln Cheung

SPIRITS 2010 album 2:

Eugenio Carlo Kawee Tolentino, Daisy Jane Cimafranca

SPIRITS 2010 album 3:

SPIRITS 2010 album 4:

Kevin Cho

Jason Zhang, Carroll Gau

SPIRITS 2010 album 5:


Tao’s three albums:

Manila Spirits 2010, Friday – Open and Women’s:

Pia Ybanez, Candice Lee

Manila Spirits 2010, Saturday night party:

Zach Fanders

Manila Spirits 2010, Mixed (Saturday and Sunday):

Gareth Marshall

Spirits Day 1: All the Single Ladies (Joshua Phua):

SPIRITS @ Clark =) DAY 2 (27 Nov. 2010) (Sophie Sacapano):

Spirits 2010 (Mel Lozano):

Mark Scott, Alicia Lui, Anthony Tao, Ellen Wong, Zach Fanders

Manila Spirits ’10: Perya I (Audrey Rose Dusaran):

Manila Spirits 2010 (Nina Helmke):

A Circus of Spirits in Manila, November 2010 (Doug Heimburger):

Manila Spirits 2010 “Perya Pilipinas sa Clark” part 3 (Joan Coleen Lim):

Spirits 2010 Album – Time to Party! (Patrick Lapid):

Team pictures from Saturday night’s party: Perya Pilipinas: Philippine Ultimate Association Spirits 2010

And finally… Boracay: Bora 2010, Thu-Sun (Akira Yamaguchi)


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