Congratulations to the organizers of Guangzhou Jumble

The one-of-a-kind Guangzhou “Jumble” tournament, a one-day affair yesterday, ended with the *combined* team called Guangzhou Victory taking home the championship. In the encroaching darkness, a Victory picture:

Don’t mind the dot; picture by Lizzie Fulton

More details later — once we find out exactly what a jumble tournament is.

Congrats to Lizzie Fulton and Kelsey Clark for running a successful tournament.

UPDATE: Much clearer pictures from Alicia of Beijing:

Congratulations to the finals MVPs, Wilkie Chu from Hong Kong and Eileen “Peach” Regan from Changsha.

UPDATE 2: Tournament director Lizzie weighs in, and offers more pictures:

It’s the 3rd year Guangzhou has done it (so the idea was formulated before my time…).The idea is that everyone is in a small team, about 5-6 people. For each game they’re combined with a different small team to face another combined team. So essentially you never play with the same group of people twice. We had 4 games like that until semi-finals. It’s crazy, jumbly, social, and a lot of fun.

Credit also goes to Guangzhou’s Kwong for figuring out the point system.


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