Announcing: Phnom Penh Big Phat Hat tournament, March 5-6

From the TD:

Registration is now open for the second annual International Women’s Day Phnom Penh Big Phat Hat tournament, on 5-6 March 2011.
That’s right, we’ve decided to do one last hat before (probably) switching to a team format next year. The basics:

Theme: Les Aventures de Tintin
Cost: $65
Inclusions: Jersey, hat, lotsa free food & beer, disc, transport to the field, and other stuff
Other costs: Visa (free for ASEAN members; $20 for others – visas can be secured upon entry)
Other benefits: Cheap lodging and quite possibly the time of your life; good excuse for a 4-day weekend in Cambodia if you get March 8 (Tuesday) off.

Last year was a raging success, highlighted by:
– a crackin’ party
– gourmet lunches (informally voted the best tourney food in Asia)
– cattle trucks
– happy pizza
– bottomless beer
– various fun rules, including all-female universal points
– a full slate of halftime contests (including a rare chicken-wing
contest), and
– a very special appearance by the Gimp

This year promises more of the same, only bigger and badder.

You got questions? We got answers. Email Greg ( or Craig

Keep ’em flyin’.



Tourney page and registration:


Photos from last year’s tourney:!/media/set/?o.38943791964


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