Announcing: Shenzhen Hat Tourney (March 19-20) registration details

China Ultimate’s review of last year’s Shenzhen Hat.

From Andrea Shaw:

The Shenzhen Ultimate Frisbee Team is proud to announce the 3rd Annual Shenzhen Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournament. The theme for this year’s tournament is “Kick-ass!” If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s about a guy with no superpowers who decides to become a superhero. So get on Taobao or Alibaba, buy yourself a mask and some tights, think of a superhero name and register for the tournament. Our goal is 120 players this year and we are planning a real kick-ass event for you!

This year’s registration form is on our website: Scroll to the bottom and fill in the blanks. Accuracy is appreciated, please no sandbagging! J

Some of the fun things you can expect for the weekend:

–       Two days of kick-ass Ultimate

–       Breakfast and lunch provided by Nogogo, Shenzhen’s online grocery store

–       BBQ dinner (and optional party) on Sat provided by Luna Bar & Restaurant

–       Free beer! And Pocari!

–       Beer Pong Tournament, for the 2nd year in a row, as well as Flip Cup

–       Night Ultimate Frisbee, for those who come Friday

–       Player packs: shirt, disc and other goodies

–       Stretch and warm-up routine led by fitness professionals from Health Elements

–       Our Disc Design Contest returns this year – best design wins a prize

Cost: Y300. Y200 for students.

Travel: Shenzhen is easily accessible by plane, train, bus, boat and metro. If you have questions about how to get from the airport/train station/bus station/port/border crossing to where you are staying, feel free to email.

Accommodation: We have no official tournament hotel this year. Recommended hotels will be listed on the website ( next week; generally we suggest you find something near a metro station. If you are a student, or need free housing in order to attend the tournament, please email Andrea and we will see what we can work out.

Registration is open now! Please register as soon as possible as this will help us determine field rental and food orders.

For questions/comments/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of your TDs:

Andrea Shaw (English/Mandarin): 150.1891.9053 (and for you HK types 5101.9053)

Jeff Bussel (English): 137.5110.0329

XIE Lin (Mandarin/Cantonese/English): 137.2370.0891

Butterfly (Mandarin): 158.1401.0812

We are looking forward to having a kick-ass time with you in Shenzhen!





–         两天的给力极限飞盘分组赛;

–         深圳网上超市Nogogo会为我们提供丰富的早餐和午餐;

–         Luna酒吧为我们提供晚餐BBQ, 周六晚的聚会也在那里,聚会费用自理;

–         赛期提供免费的啤酒和宝矿力;

–         根据先到盘友人数,周五晚拟安排夜光飞盘游戏;

–         参赛选手大礼包:飞盘衫,飞盘和一些其它东西;

–         来自专业健身顾问提供的热身服务指导;

–         飞盘涂鸦大赛,最佳飞盘涂鸦者将得到嘉奖;

–         延续去年的啤酒游戏:Beer Pong, Flip Cup






谢林 (国语/粤语/英文): 137.2370.0891

蝴蝶 (国语): 158.1401.0812

Jeff Bussel (英文): 137.5110.0329

Andrea Shaw (英文/国语): 150.1891.9053 (中国) 5101.9053 (香港)



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