Ningbo Hat Tourney update

From Lydia:

Hi Guys

This is Lydia (or u can call me Xiao T) from Ningbo UFO Club, hope all of u had a great time during the first and

second Ningbo Tourney. Now, here comes The THIRD NINGBO FRISBEE HAT TOURNEY!! It will be held in April 9th and 10th, 2011.


Having fun, enjoying the sun, Ningbo Tourney will be a perfect time to have some discs and meet the amazing players all over China.


with attaching the official invitation letter, I am sincerely inviting all of you to join us. BTW, it will be a great help if you could pass the information to all the frisbee players you know.


To register, may I suggest if some of you come from the same team or place, it would be better if one representative can first




collect the all the players’ information and then either send it to Lydia, or Cath,

For more information, plz check out our invitation letter and our blog for the great pics of first tourney and our beautiful campus.


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