ANNOUNCING: China Nationals, May 19-20

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It brings us pleasure to officially announce that China Nationals this year will be in Beijing on May 19-20. 我们非常荣幸地在此向大家正式公布今年的全国公开赛仍将在北京举行,为期两天5月19-20日

Attached, please find the registration form for this year’s China Nationals. 请仔细阅读附件有关今年全国公开赛的报名表

The early-bird team registration deadline is May 1. 队伍提前报名的截止日期为5月1日。

The final team deadline is May 11. We will accept individual player registration up until Friday, May 18, but those who are hoping to pick up with a team are advised to let us know early. 队伍报名的最终截止日期为5月11日,而个人报名的截至日期为5月18,周五。我们也特别提醒以个人方式参赛的盘友,请尽早与我们联系以便为你妥善安排参赛队伍。

In the meantime, please give us an indication whether your team is planning to come, especially if you’re new to China Nationals! 与此同时,请尽快与我们确认你和你的队伍是否会来参赛,尤其是今年首次参赛的队伍们和盘友们!


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