ANNOUNCING: 2012 Nanjing’s Spring Fling Ultimate Frisbee Tournament / 南京第二届极限飞盘公开赛报名 [April 21-22]

By Simon Laing

Dear Captains,

You’re invited to Nanjing’s Spring Fling Ultimate Frisbee Tournament.

We have arranged sweet all-natural grass fields, a great Chinese Banquet
dinner and after party at a nearby Bar.

l         *Location*: Yingtian College, Xian Lin District Nanjing Jiangsu,
Near Xueze Lu station of Line 2.
*地点*:南京应天学院 仙林校区, 地铁2号线学则路站下

l         *Time*: April 21st 9 am to April 22nd 4 pm

l         *Registration**登记:*
The registration deadline is Sunday- April 15. Teams wire in their money by
Apr. 15 will receive a fee discount for all their players.



Please read this notice carefully and return us with the filled
registration form.

l         *Prices **参赛费:*

1. Student学生: 220 (200 if paid before April 15th , 4月15号之前报名付费优惠20元,)

2. working professional工薪族: 320:(300 if paid before April 15th ,  4月15

Captains will need to:

1)      Return the filled the attached spreadsheet发回填好的报名表
2)      Wire the money in full to全额汇款至:

Account name (账户名): 季海飞
Account number (账号):6227001375360213647
Bank Name(银行):Construction Bank of China 中国建设银行南京城南支行

We have some possible sponsors for this tournament so if price is an issue please email special requests.

ANNOUNCING: China Nationals, May 19-20

From Also see: Facebook page, Renren page.

It brings us pleasure to officially announce that China Nationals this year will be in Beijing on May 19-20. 我们非常荣幸地在此向大家正式公布今年的全国公开赛仍将在北京举行,为期两天5月19-20日

Attached, please find the registration form for this year’s China Nationals. 请仔细阅读附件有关今年全国公开赛的报名表

The early-bird team registration deadline is May 1. 队伍提前报名的截止日期为5月1日。

The final team deadline is May 11. We will accept individual player registration up until Friday, May 18, but those who are hoping to pick up with a team are advised to let us know early. 队伍报名的最终截止日期为5月11日,而个人报名的截至日期为5月18,周五。我们也特别提醒以个人方式参赛的盘友,请尽早与我们联系以便为你妥善安排参赛队伍。

In the meantime, please give us an indication whether your team is planning to come, especially if you’re new to China Nationals! 与此同时,请尽快与我们确认你和你的队伍是否会来参赛,尤其是今年首次参赛的队伍们和盘友们!

ANNOUNCING: The 1st Hangzhou Hat Tournament, Dec. 10-11

We at China Ultimate always like to see new tournaments, so it’s with high hopes that we wish the best for the first ever Hangzhou Hat Tournament (December 11-12), registration for which is now open. This is the website the organizers are using, but here’s really all the info you need:

Telephone :: 联系电话:13656815020/18967378383
Email :: 电子邮件

Please include this information:

-Jersey size (Chinese sizes)
-Accommodation preference and length of stay
-Eating habit (if you are vegetarian please indicate)
A rank of yourself in each of the following categories:
experience,defense, speed, throwing and receiving. See the chart below

1- 0-6 months
2- 6 months or more, pickup only
3- More than 6 months, league experience
4- More than 2 years, mid-level club player
5- High-level club experience

1- No strategy
2- Understands a force
3- Understands a force and can play zone
4- All the above and known as a good defender

1- I can barely run
2- I can only keep up with a few opponents tops on any given line
3- I can hold my own against most
4- I got wheels

1- Can barely throw a flick, if at all
2- Can throw flicks and backhands short-range, no
3- Can make longer throws and sometimes break
4- I got hucks and breaks all day

1- I have butterfingers
2- Can catch pretty well but has trouble with reading
3- Can catch under pressure and read pretty well

From the tourney info PDF:

Hangzhou is located in the north-west part of Zhejiang province, to the east of Hangzhou Bay and in the south Yangzijiang Delta. Itʼs convenient to commute from the other main cities (SH, NJ, NB, etc.) in the Delta area within 2-4 hours.


Venue: Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics(Map)
Format: Games played in 5:2 or 4:3 ratio (male:female)
Fee: 300 RMB for players who have jobs, 200RMB for students, and a 50RMB early bird discount for anyone who registers before the 3rd of Dec.
Includes: one dinner, two lunches, plus plenty of water, bread, fruits, beer, and a gift bag including a tourney disc, souvenir T-shirt and more
Special event: an amazing party with two free drinks
Party Theme: Super Heroes

比赛费用:有工作人士:300 元人民币;学生:200 元人民币,在 12月3号之前注册者享

A note from the TD:

Hangzhou is quite a new spot on the China Ultimate map. The Hangzhou Phoenix Ultimate Club (HPU) only began in the year 2009. During our 3 years of development we have learnt a lot from players all round China. Now itʼs time for us to give something back.

Today, we officially announce that the inaugural Hangzhou Hat Tourney will be held on 10th-11th Dec.

In order to get as many spectators as possible and spread Ultimate to College students, we have chosen the Xiasha university district as the competition site. Your attendance will give tremendous support to the development of Ultimate in Hangzhou, and thereby in China.

Though the weather may be little bit chilly during the competition, with our warm hearts and passion for Ultimate, we will light a fire in Hangzhou this winter.

ANNOUNCING: Registration for Bangkok Hat Tourney, Feb. 11-12, open, then closed

To get on the waiting list, please email the following information to

Name (first, last):
Country (residing):
Club (most recent/competitive):
Shirt size:
Experience (how long, what type of competition, knowledge…):

For the following on a scale of 1(lowest) to 5 (highest), rank your self:

Offense (throws):
Catching abillity:
Defense (strategies):
Conditioning (in shape?):

Bangkok Ultimate website.

Announcing: Jeju Dirty Dozens registration deadline: March 14

From Beth Houtrow:

Greetings from the Jeju Dirty Dozens 2011 Team:

We apologize for the delay for this email. It was sent out last week, but we had a technical glitch. Here’s everything you need to know and more:

We are excited to announce that registration is officially open. Please visit our website at for more information. Registration will close on March 14th, so don’t miss the deadline.

We are very excited this year about the promise of even more international teams. The competition is going to be fierce. However, with limited field space, it is possible that we will not be able to accommodate all Korean teams who apply for the tournament. Therefore, Korean teams who wish to play should apply for a bid, and bids will be awarded shortly after registration closes. Decisions regarding bids will be based on geography (we want to encourage teams from all over Korea to come to Jeju) and competitiveness. If you are concerned as to whether you should purchase a flight to Jeju, we recommend booking a flight as soon as possible. Korean based airlines generally allow you to cancel flights without penalty.

Also, people are welcome to attend the tournament as guests. The guest fee will be 60,000 won and will allow you access to all of the food, beer, and parties, plus a frisbee. It will not, however, include hotel cost. We are also looking for volunteers. Volunteering will require about seven or eight hours of your time over the weekend, and will earn you a disc, free entrance to the parties, access to food and drinks, and a shared hotel room with two other volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering please contact us at

The tournament fee is 720,000 won per team. As always, this fee includes hotel rooms. We have done our very best to reserve rooms with beds for everyone, so no yos on the floor this year, unless you prefer it. Each team will be given four rooms to divide among themselves as they see fit.

Korean captains should wire 720,000 to the KUPA bank account after bids have been awarded. The account information is available at Foreign teams may wire money or bring 720,000 Korean won to the tournament. We will be requiring teams to pay in one lump sum, and we will only accept Korean won.

Also, this year there is a disc design contest. If the winner is a tournament participant, he/she will be awarded free entry to the tournament. If a non-player wins, he/she will receive 50,000 won and a free copy of the disc. To submit an entry(s), please send an email to by March 7th.

We can’t wait to see all of you in Jeju. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at

Warmest regards,
The Dirty Dozens 2011 Team

Announcing: Shenzhen Hat Tourney (March 19-20) registration details

China Ultimate’s review of last year’s Shenzhen Hat.

From Andrea Shaw:

The Shenzhen Ultimate Frisbee Team is proud to announce the 3rd Annual Shenzhen Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournament. The theme for this year’s tournament is “Kick-ass!” If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s about a guy with no superpowers who decides to become a superhero. So get on Taobao or Alibaba, buy yourself a mask and some tights, think of a superhero name and register for the tournament. Our goal is 120 players this year and we are planning a real kick-ass event for you!

This year’s registration form is on our website: Scroll to the bottom and fill in the blanks. Accuracy is appreciated, please no sandbagging! J

Some of the fun things you can expect for the weekend:

–       Two days of kick-ass Ultimate

–       Breakfast and lunch provided by Nogogo, Shenzhen’s online grocery store

–       BBQ dinner (and optional party) on Sat provided by Luna Bar & Restaurant

–       Free beer! And Pocari!

–       Beer Pong Tournament, for the 2nd year in a row, as well as Flip Cup

–       Night Ultimate Frisbee, for those who come Friday

–       Player packs: shirt, disc and other goodies

–       Stretch and warm-up routine led by fitness professionals from Health Elements

–       Our Disc Design Contest returns this year – best design wins a prize

Cost: Y300. Y200 for students.

Travel: Shenzhen is easily accessible by plane, train, bus, boat and metro. If you have questions about how to get from the airport/train station/bus station/port/border crossing to where you are staying, feel free to email.

Accommodation: We have no official tournament hotel this year. Recommended hotels will be listed on the website ( next week; generally we suggest you find something near a metro station. If you are a student, or need free housing in order to attend the tournament, please email Andrea and we will see what we can work out.

Registration is open now! Please register as soon as possible as this will help us determine field rental and food orders.

For questions/comments/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of your TDs:

Andrea Shaw (English/Mandarin): 150.1891.9053 (and for you HK types 5101.9053)

Jeff Bussel (English): 137.5110.0329

XIE Lin (Mandarin/Cantonese/English): 137.2370.0891

Butterfly (Mandarin): 158.1401.0812

We are looking forward to having a kick-ass time with you in Shenzhen!





–         两天的给力极限飞盘分组赛;

–         深圳网上超市Nogogo会为我们提供丰富的早餐和午餐;

–         Luna酒吧为我们提供晚餐BBQ, 周六晚的聚会也在那里,聚会费用自理;

–         赛期提供免费的啤酒和宝矿力;

–         根据先到盘友人数,周五晚拟安排夜光飞盘游戏;

–         参赛选手大礼包:飞盘衫,飞盘和一些其它东西;

–         来自专业健身顾问提供的热身服务指导;

–         飞盘涂鸦大赛,最佳飞盘涂鸦者将得到嘉奖;

–         延续去年的啤酒游戏:Beer Pong, Flip Cup






谢林 (国语/粤语/英文): 137.2370.0891

蝴蝶 (国语): 158.1401.0812

Jeff Bussel (英文): 137.5110.0329

Andrea Shaw (英文/国语): 150.1891.9053 (中国) 5101.9053 (香港)


Announcing: Jeju Dirty Dozens, April 23-24

From Beth Houtrow:

Get ready ladies and gentlemen for a new and improved Jeju tournament April 23rd and 24th. Jeju Gnarly Nines is now Jeju Dirty Dozens. With 12 people on your team you can run faster, bid harder, and drink more beer on Saturday night!

As always, the tournament is 5-2 co-ed format. And as in the past we will be providing an amazing deal. For a mere 720,000 won per team (that’s 60,000 per player) we will provide you with two nig…hts free hotel, a Friday night welcome party, food and beer throughout the weekend, and a blow out party Saturday night. Most importantly, you will also have the opportunity to play on the best grass in Asia.

We are predicting a highly competitive field this year, so start assembling your team now, so you get in on the competition. Registration is not open yet, but we wanted to tell everyone about the new format and the dates for the tournament. We will send out updates very soon.

If you have any questions please contact us at

To Summarize

What: Jeju Dirty Dozens (5-2 format)
When: April 23 and 24
Where: Jeju, South Korea
Who: You and 11 of your friends.
Why: World Cup practice fields, free hotel, lots of beer, and great frisbee
How Much: 720,000 won per team (Payment is per team regardless of the number of players.)